Yaqi Moka express synthetic review

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This is another review of a Yaqi brush from China. The Moka express synthetic has the shape of an espresso machine, maybe the odd shape would be weird for some, but it’s a nice heavy handle. The knot in it it’s made of synthetic hair and has the appearance of badger hair. It’s similar to the synbad knot from Apshaveco, but I can’t be sure if they use the same exactly bristles to make the knot. Overall a nice brush, it splays easily, because it has less backbone than the tuxedo and the silksmoke that I own. It’s a solid performer and whips up amazing lathers.

Weight: 92gr
Knot: 24mm
Loft:52mm / 2 in.
Height: 10.5cm / 4.2 in.

Pre-shave: Hot shower
Brush: Yaqi moka synthetic 24mm
Soap: Kerkini Frosty Lemon
Razor: Rockwell 6s (R4)
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium (2)
After shave: Brut Original

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12 Replies to “Yaqi Moka express synthetic review”

  1. John D.

    I own this brush too, really like the handle fits great in my hand. I would like to see yaqi offer this handle with the same fibre in 26mm. The rockwell 6s is a very good razor but I sold it on ebay because of the weight…i like less heavy razors especially on the atg pass on my neck. Because of this I bought the chrome version afterwards and to my dissapointment it was not that much lighter than i thought so I also sold it on ebay. Get well soon!

  2. flash boredom

    Nice shave. The soap sounds good and fresh👍
    I was going to buy that brush but never did
    Hope you feel better soon and the Greek sunshine returns 😁👍👍😉

  3. David Benvie

    Another good one. Hope you feel better soon.. I just got my first boar brush today, I'm hoping it has good scritch.

  4. Logan

    Get better soon! I ordered my first Yaqi! mysterious space synth fan. Looking forward to it. Watching your reviews helps the time till it is here haha


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