Yaqi Moka Express 26 MM 2 Band Badger Shaving Brush, Lather and Review

Yaqi Moka Express 26 MM 2 Band Badger Shaving Brush, Lather and Review. This is a wonderful 2band Badger shave brush and I hope you will enjoy the review of it and like and subscribe for some more upcoming video’s from DE Shave Talk with Kit

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13 Replies to “Yaqi Moka Express 26 MM 2 Band Badger Shaving Brush, Lather and Review”

  1. SnowyFinland

    Great review, Kit. Many thanks. I appreciate the detail you cover. (By the way, I've got the Yaqi yellow synthetic and like it a lot.) I'll be getting one of the badgers, partly due to your review.

  2. T Rex

    Hi Kit. I want to ask which is the best performing badger from Yaqi. I like a lot this moka brush. I will wait for Black Friday when prices will be down.

  3. 3DayPriest

    Because I have a $5 coupon on orders over $30, it means that I can get the Moka for $4 more than the no-name two-band badger. And from what you say, the 24mm vs 26mm doesn’t equate to much difference.

  4. Jens Wagner

    Hello. Really nice Video. I had only one really really bad/cheap badger brush. It pealed your skin of. Now i have a boar (Omega 10049), a Mühle Fibre L and a Yaqi 24 mm Synthetic.
    Can you tell me how soft it is?? I am a face latherer. So, i am interested… My Omega boar is really hard, but when it splits, it is absolutley OK. The Synthetics are unbelievable soft. (The yaqi is soft but has a nice backbone, awesome brush!) How is the Moka compared to the synthetics in Softness????
    Greetings from Germany,Jens

  5. Raul Reynoso

    Great review! So great you like it. When I sent Yaqi the handle design besides the homage to the Bialetti Moka Pot was precisely the control on the grip. I face lather and have a shorter version with Silvertip 24 mm x 52 that Yaqi made as a prototype and really love it. Regards!


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