What to do before using a brand new moka pot | Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Did you know that before actually using a brand new Moka pot, you need to follow a few steps to clean it? Be sure to watch my new video to find out what these steps are.

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FTC: This video was sponsored by MateoJo. The MateoJo Stovetop Espresso Maker was kindly sent to me by the company. Thank you to MateoJo for collaborating with me on this video. All opinions are my own.

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23 Replies to “What to do before using a brand new moka pot | Learn Italian with Lucrezia”

  1. Dimitri Gisoldi

    Ciao Lucrezia,
    Io sono nuovo al canale.
    I saw that you have a video about italian musics.
    Could you suggest a Italian Movie or Series to watch?
    I already watched Brancaleone, which is really good.

  2. Fred Lokuta

    Ciao! Mi piacciono tutti i tuoi video. Una domanda: Dopo aver lavato la caffetteria la prima volta, devi lavarla ogni volta con sapone? oppure solamente acqua?

  3. Yuri Mouzinho

    Congratulations. I love this channel, she is always trying hard to teach her language, just per amore without earn anything. I decided learn italiano because your channel Lucrezia. Thank you so much. Continue doing your best !

  4. Janet Hamilton

    Ciao Lucrezia. In inglese, diciamo "season" oppure "cure" quando noi "mettere in azione" la caffettiera. Parole strane, si, pero' sono le parole usiamo!


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