What happening most monkeys aggressive?

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I am very happy to share with you the meaning of monkeys are any types of animals living in hot countries with long and short tails, as well as can climb the trees. The meaning of monkey also considered as a group of primates such as guenons, macaques, langurs, capuchins and the most likes humans (Cambridge dictionary).

The purpose of Monkey WiLDTV is to share with you variety of monkey lifestyles and activities including how monkey eating food, care of baby, breastfeeding, wrestling, swinging, playing, climbing trees, attack, fighting, beating, baby monkey lost mother crying, as well as rescue monkey life…etc. And besides this the Chanel is happy to show you the videos of monkeys real life such as pregnant monkey, giving a baby, monkey play with human, monkey hug baby, monkey kiss monkey, as well as the general behavior of the monkeys in real wildlife. Importantly, the Chanel also wish to entertain you activities of newborn monkey, how they follow the monkey mother to find wild food, mother take care off and daily feeding food from the monkey mother.

Last but not least, the purpose of the Chanel is to provide all subscribers/viewers the entertainment, fun, laugh and sadness when you watch the videos. Finally, I would like to express my deeply thanks for all your interests, review and subscribe the Chanel of Monkey WiLDTV and I do wish you all the best and have a nice day.

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2 Replies to “What happening most monkeys aggressive?”

  1. Jeannie Bosch

    This doesn't explain why!! So, WHY are the monkey's going crazy and kidnapping a lot of the babies and chasing down toddlers and making them fall to their death from tall trees. Or biting the small ones rather viciously and moms abandoning babies and not feeding them! Or the moms dying shortly after babies are born! What are you guys doing? Or is it as simple as monkey's behaving badly because lack of people to feed them because of the coronavirus.


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