Video Of the Factory Visit at the Moka Pot Factory

Here’s Mike’s visit to the Ningbo factory making moka pots. So important to see your factory.

To know more about it, read everything on this blog: The Importance Of Factory Visits (How It Can Save Your Amazon Business)

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2 Replies to “Video Of the Factory Visit at the Moka Pot Factory”

  1. Mark J

    Thanks for sharing Mike. How do you compete in such a crowded category? There are so many Chinese manufacturers on Amazon in the same category, with way lower COGS, way bigger ad budgets, and 1000s of reviews for the same products. Profitably acquiring customers at meaningful scale in that environment seems exceedingly difficult.

  2. Dan O'Donnell

    Interesting tour, thanks Mike. Just found your channel and subscribed. I agree it's a good idea to meet your factory folks. I had a good time meeting the guys who make my board games.


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