Unboxing: Bialetti Moka Express

Ciao Everyone!!!

I’m a coffee lover and espresso is my cup!!!

Coffee lovers where you at??

featured product: Bialetti Moka Express (1 tazza) made in Italy!

Thank you for watching!

Salamat sa panonood!

Grazie =P

I know that this is kinda different and sounds like a campaign ad LOL but I promise you it isnt because I purchased this myself and this is my third Bialetti espresso maker and I have another coffee press from Bialetti as well so my experience withthe brand is truly great I wouldnt mind spending money on their products over and over again.



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a sweet baker and
shopping addict! =)


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Gillicuddy – “Springish” (02:23)

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3 Replies to “Unboxing: Bialetti Moka Express”

  1. Sav Pej

    The only flaw of that moka is that it's made of aluminum and not inox but it's a fantastic one. If you wanna taste a delicious italian coffee I'd suggest to try Vergnano or Pellini. I like Julius Meinl (austrian coffee) Hausbrandt (italian) and Hag (german) too


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