25 Replies to “Trendy Oat Cappuccino – Prank 😂”

  1. Effectpro1

    Pretty funny, he keeps a straight face. I'd try it. Matter of fact I may make one like that. Breville Barista Express in tha kitchen.

  2. Nick Corbin

    Dritan and Mariette, could you consider making a video comparing all of the machines you've used in your cafe? Over the years we have seen some E61 machines, Lever machines, maybe some saturated group machines; can you make a video discussing your likes and dislikes of each kind?

  3. Eric Petersen

    Ditran needs to make 1000 coffee’s a day just to feel normal. Barista for Life!!!

    Great video again, thank you very much, ❤️ from America. Stay good!

  4. Nilanjan Nilu

    Sir I don't know whether you are reading this or not…but I've told you in one of your life video about my problem about latte…and you helped a lot… finally I can make a beautiful heart…I can't thak you enough for this….take my love and respect 🥰🥰🥰😍😍


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