Top 3 “Not Quite” Espresso Makers | SCG’s Top Picks

Looking for a way to brew a rich and full bodied cup of coffee without investing in an espresso machine? In this video, Josh shares our Top 3 picks for not quite espresso makers. They get you close with very tasty cups of coffee!

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26 Replies to “Top 3 “Not Quite” Espresso Makers | SCG’s Top Picks”

  1. Richard Walker

    Two years later I just get the Nanopresso with the barista kit and make double shots with 18bars pressure. You might not call it an espresso machine. I do.

  2. M. G. Scott James

    Wow, people are rude. Thank you very much for the very informative and helpful video. I am looking for a travel coffee solution, and your video helped me move closer to what I'll buy.

  3. xiang xu

    i have a minipresso,it is not really good to use if you were a really espresso fan,the coffee temperature is not enough hot after dripped,i think its a good as a toy:)

  4. WeeemRCB

    I love my 4cup Bialetti Venus. I much prefer it over the Aeropress…. More depth to the flavour to the coffee.

    For speed and convenience I make my work coffee with that and take it in a thermos to work.
    On days off I have take the time to use my espresso for "proper coffee" 🙂

  5. davejavu

    What you are saying here is that all the Espresso machines that came before the hand pump machine that put out several bars of pressure were not truly Espresso machines even though those boiler pressure machines were called Espresso machines. I don't think you are allowed to rewrite history here. I like your channel and the products you guys are selling.

  6. helpfulnatural

    The Aeropress has always looked intriguing to me but I have a strong aversion to plastic, especially when exposed to hot/boiling water.

  7. Allen Baker

    Thanks for this! Please continue doing these reviews as I'm always looking for portable/temporary espresso. I've had a couple aluminum Bialeti pots but the aluminum oxidation is completely unmanageable. Thank you!


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