5 Replies to “The ULTIMATE MOKA POT technique!”

  1. Sergey Kurtenko

    Does final volume of coffe significantly change(decrease) when you apply additional paper filter or it renain the same?

  2. John Smith

    A lot to go through to get a cup of coffee, I just fill up my drip and make a pot, pour a cup, and I am fine. haha It did look interesting though. 🙂

  3. Selahattin Emirhan Kartal

    hello, as far as i see you are using 6 cup moka pot. Does 23gr coffee fill the funnel to the brim ? also did you filled bottom chamber up to security valve ? in others word how many ml s of water did you add ?

    if you could give me some instructions like, x ml of water for bottom chamber, grind level is gonna be as fine as espresso and fill the funnel up to brim etc., i wanna give it a try with paper filter and also will give you feedback.

    i am really newbie about this moka pot thing and some help would be great, thanks !!


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