The New York Coffee Festival 2017

Here are some impressions from The New York Coffee Festival 2017 in a nutshell! It has been an amazing event and experience!
Coffee makes me travel

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11 Replies to “The New York Coffee Festival 2017”

  1. Fahmi Ridha

    Sir, you're very kind, humble, and friendly. Hope one day I pay a visit to your coffee shop and meet you.
    God bless you, Legend.
    Peace be upon you.

  2. a lost soul

    Visited the festival myself and I recognized the dude in the thumbnail. Saw him at the latte art booth; any chance you know who he is? 😯

  3. Uzair Hanif

    again an amazing travel vlog..
    first chris baca had Dritan in his video now dritan has chris baca in his video..

  4. Anum K

    Just incredible , Thanks a lot Mariette and Dritan for capturing and sharing your traveller's Diary 😍💛💙💚❤ .


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