The New Lever Machine Collection

The day my lever machine collection was delivered and set up in my coffee shop! An epic day I’ll never forget 😇 🙌🏻 #baristaforever

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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27 Replies to “The New Lever Machine Collection”

  1. Thomas Koch

    Ich habe mich immer schon gefragt, woher Du all die manuellen Lever-Maschinen her hast, hab mich aber nie getraut, Dich im Laden anzusprechen 🙂

  2. Chris

    You should do a series of videos pulling shots out of each of these. Would love to see a pro work with a La Pavoni Europiccola.

  3. sabeen GREGORE

    ohhh wow,,,,,, while watching this video i felt like having an heart attack and passed out n die ohhh baby what a beautiful machines , amazing .

  4. Таточка Счастливая

    С прекрасным приобретением Вас.Вы такой замечательный.

  5. DothanFanatixTV

    That is so incredible. I truly know how this feels on a personal level. Every machine is a stamp in time, a point at which progress is paused and allows us to gaze at the improvements throughout the years. Side by side we're reminded at every glance that progress is always one more "drink" or "build" away and perfection itself never achieved just an inspiring tale of the journey.

  6. j.vogele al samrraie

    Congratulations on this wonderful museum. Now the customer drinks coffee and hear the view of these beautiful artifacts

  7. Uzair Hanif

    why do you need to buy all these lever machines?? they look used machines.. if you bought them for decoration than you did a v.v.expensive decoration for your shop.. if they are a gift mostly from la pavoni than big thumbs up to you!


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