THE MOKA POT COFFEE on the Cupochannel. (2017)

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In this episode we use the newer version of the Moka Pot (stainless steel). The Original Moka Pot (aluminum) was designed in Italy to brew the espresso shot without the pressure applied by invented espresso machine.

The Moka pot is an easy, effective method to enjoy speciality coffee at home.

Please join us in learning from Arnold Pretorius the roaster and coffee profiler of Cupocafe coffee bar.

CUPOCAFE is determined to become a necessity for all the local coffee snobs in our area. When opening our doors for the first time on 12 Dec 2015 we didn’t expect to be so pleasantly surprised with CUPOLOVE in the area.

CUPOCAFE hosts the #CUPOCHANNEL in our own shop and where ever we find intriguing coffee places. Follow us on our journey in discovering new flavors, meeting new people and learning so much more about the cup we all love – coffee

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9 Replies to “THE MOKA POT COFFEE on the Cupochannel. (2017)”

  1. Patrick Leun

    Very good video! I have a question about the newer stainless steel Moka pots on the market, like the one you made coffee in for this video. All of the models I see seem to have a grey coating on the inside. What is this coating? And why are they using it? I have a smaller stainless model, that’s almost 15 years old, and is stainless inside and out. No coating at all. The stainless steel moka pots from China all have this coating. Even the one that IKEA sells, which is also from China, has this coating.

  2. Scott G

    I have stainless steel (Bialetti) moka pots only. I was told if you have an aluminium moka pot the Italians never wash them out with detergent or soapy water. The oils and residue form a protective coat after regular use. Enjoy!

  3. Macnutz420

    Here wise guy, do some reading before spreading BS that might hurt some people.
    [2 ]

    These people, unlike you, are coming from a position of knowledge, based on actual research and careful measurement, not just spouting what they believe as though it were fact.

    Deal with the reality, if you can. Or poison yourself. You are increasing the risk of Alzheimer disease by a significant percent.

  4. José Javier Rivera Benítez

    That description misinformed, the espresso machines were invented before the moka pot due the poor electrics conditions of house and the need to prepare espresso like coffee due Italians unique good taste

  5. Macnutz420

    Bialetti, the original aluminum moka pot maker, now has a coating that is supposed to stop the flaking off of molecules of aluminium. I now use stainless steel pots, exclusively.


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