The Great SCG Stovetop Espresso Video

We asked the lover of all things simple, Rade, to walk us through stovetop espresso makers — how they work, variations in models, tips and tricks — and then he makes us a cup of high octane java.

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36 Replies to “The Great SCG Stovetop Espresso Video”

  1. Patrick Horgan

    Wish you'd shared links for each of the models you showed. I didn't catch the name of the one that frothed the milk.

  2. akbar19942k10

    What size bialetti Moka should I get to be as close as getting a cup of espresso? Shall I get a 1 cup or a 2 cup?

  3. Susan Robards

    Another omission in this video is the heat setting and also the time it takes for the coffee to start filling the upper chamber.

  4. Howling Wind

    Hi I have a small bialetti the original design and I love my little coffee maker. Would you do a video using one you showed us that will froth the milk up as well. Cheers!

  5. Amanda S

    my FaV' coffee making vid of all time!  when i was looking to buy my first moka pot i watched dozens of YouTube vids and this was the first that actually showed a FiLTER GASKET!  until i saw this vid i never really knew wat a filter gasket was:)  Thank u and  kudos to Seattle Coffee Gear 🙂

  6. Richard Peterson

    lol. not under pressure huh? that's why they install a pressure relief valve. that's amusing. dude, I got a "real" express machine, and a stove top, and honestly, there is little difference between. I often prefer my stove top.

  7. spyderspic666

    HHHAAAAA "Chrome plated" thats funny. When you get these brand new, you can see the aluminum rub off onto your finger. If it were plated then that wouldnt happen. You need to clean your moka pot thoroughly before use, i used the course side of a sponge to clean mine several times and it did a pretty good job but then you need to make several cups of coffee before it completely stops leeching aluminum from the pot.

  8. Šimon Janečka

    its not true that if u dont fill with coffe to full it will not work 🙂 you can fill 1/2 and it will work just fine

  9. Hons Barrera

    Next time try this. I have a stove top espresso maker too, and I'm happy with how it brews coffee, but if you really want to get the full coffee flavor along with all the notes then do this. Prep the coffee maker as if you are going to brew a full pitcher, then turn it up to high heat but watch that it doesn't brew really fast, let the pitcher fill up slowly by adjusting the heat. let it fill just a little under the middle of the pitcher and take it off the heat and pour out the coffee in a cup. You now have an espresso that has all the notes of the coffee and is not watered down.

  10. billinrio

    There's a secret to using these kinds of pots that you don't mention. A downside of this process is that you always run the danger of "cooking" the coffee. The secret is to fill the bottom part with just-boiled water. That way, the coffee on the hotplate will then begin to brew almost immediately.

  11. Tilbily

    If it's not true espresso, what were Italians drinking before electricity and espresso machines were invented? S'posedly, stovetop makers are found in 90% of Italians homes.

  12. Jacqueline Díaz

    ahh… the idiocy of North American humor. Economize words (idiocy flavored) and get to the-nuts-and-bolts. New Gail videos r a step up. Thank you.

  13. Steve M.

    This may have already been mentioned, but he forgot a significant instruction, in that, you DO NOT tamp the grind in the basket at all, NEVER. Level it with your finger..done! Very important!

  14. David Sain

    Thanks, SCG & Rade, for this excellent video! Are replacement gaskets easy to find? Curious about Tolkien's quote about steam trains. As a recent convert to all things Steampunk, the idea of steam powered coffee is really fun. I'll brew & drink it while listening to Steam Powered Giraffe!


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