Testing New Moka Pot (competition filter) | ECT Weekly #060

We had a chance to test a new Moka pot with a competition level filter. Is it better than your regular Moka pot? Take a look!

Disclaimer: We received a testing Moka pot from E&B Lab for free. We haven’t been paid to make this video. It is an honest review.

# Moka Globe by E&B Lab

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43 Replies to “Testing New Moka Pot (competition filter) | ECT Weekly #060”

  1. Drako Von Zeitgeistoberstellen

    Is that new super fine filter compatible with my Bialetti Moka 3cup? Inspired by info in the comments I just ordered an aeropress stainless steel filter for 1.60$ on ebay… I will try and play with that for now…maybe I get even better Mokapresso at home! btw. I sometimes make better coffee in my Bialetti than baristas in local specialty coffe shops 😉 Sometimes not LOLZ

  2. Joe Black

    Good that globe is made from glass not artificial plastic like everything these days. But base is still aluminium.. I was looking for moka pot made from porcelain and still looking modern and cool.. None. One website have, and its really beautiful, but base is made from aluminium anyway. I'm saying I'm a customer who wants to enjoy coffee made in natural way but in a healthy way, all these BPA free plastics, I don't believe it they are free. Same aluminium.
    Thers so many moka pots, but is there any who made bit more pressure to extract coffee than the others?

  3. J Mac

    I like the look and functionality of it but I most certainly wouldn't like to use it with a naked flame. Work on that bit, and I'd buy it!

  4. Alex Sahagun

    Wonder if you got the pressure up in moka pots, if it would yield some type of crema. Nonetheless if the pressure goes up you could end up with it exploding. This seems cool though its very European

  5. Rita Wing

    Difficult to clean such a fine filter over time, perhaps? And no way you could scrub out the glass pot/ spout, surely.

  6. 1 eq 0 dot 99999 repeating

    I've been waiting when someone starts to make moka pot with longer tube so that water cools down a bit when entering coffee puck. Regular moka pot is designed to burn coffee so we say moka pot has it's own charm and distinctive taste)

  7. Adam Churvis

    I suspect the influx of coffee sometimes spills out of the spout rather than in the carafe when it flows too fast. Looks like it almost crested in the video.

  8. Darth Magister

    Why do so many people put the coffee so loose. It needs to make a little mountain on top before you screw it

  9. med icine

    moka pot makes bitter coffee which is why I've thrown away 3 moka pots and I'm done with these moka pots. Turkish method makes better coffee

  10. thundertrunks1

    PLEASE try out the Nomad espresso machine by UniTerra! I have one at home at it is the most incredible espresso machine I have ever used!

  11. R3dp055um

    I'd buy it if those interior parts are stainless, but if they're aluminum, that's an absolute deal breaker. There's too much evidence of a link between aluminum and Alzheimer's; I refuse to have any aluminum in my kitchen.

  12. Eskan Ming

    I don't know but to filter graind coffee seems funny. You can have it the arabic way. Just boil it and let it rest you will get some mud in the end of the cup but it is strong and real. That was like filtering orange juce 😶😑

  13. Lee McGann

    I went to your website… where are your prices? The globe Moka looks amazing! I also love the styling of the inox! How do I order?

  14. Sebastian Hill

    Is there a reason why your grind was so coarse? I Use a finer grind and a lower heat but not too low that it burns the coffee. This combination always produces a beautiful crema…

  15. shot Johnny

    Hi, thanks for the upload! Do you know what the bottom part of the moka maker is made of (material)? And whether (and what kind of lining) it has? Is it stainless steel? Aluminum? Tin (lined) etc.?

  16. Matt Linder

    Where can I buy the globe Moka pot. I tried the website both on my computer and my phone but it just keeps loading and loading

  17. Tsimpy

    I thought that with smaller holes you’d at least get a little cremà. But, There’s none at the end of the brewing pot.

  18. Andriy a.k.a chortya

    The main issue with this product is that you can't buy it anywhere in Europe. I contacted E&B multiple times already. Similarly with traditional moka pot from E&B Lab. I am looking now for ages for the induction version in Germany… Btw, induction version looks different, I believe it's inox an not black.


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