Supreme SS19 Week 18 Resale Predictions, Best Resell & Retail Prices / Supreme Buju Banton Photo Tee

Supreme SS19 Week 18 Resale Predictions, Best Resell & Retail Prices / Supreme Buju Banton Photo Tee

In this video I give my resale / resell predictions for Supremes SS19 week 18 release. This week supreme is going to drop a bunch of summer tees, the Buju Banton phot tee, Bialetti Moka Express and more. the most hyped item of this weeks release is the supreme water gun. along with the shorts. the drop is today at 11am and US sellout times are expected to be fast. Eu will drop first so we can get and idea of what people are going for before hand. good luck to everyone going for coming this week. A lot of summer heat and great personal cops too!

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Release: June 27 2019 (Week 18)

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Supreme Bialetti Moka Express
Supreme Coffee Pot
Supreme Buju Banton Tee
Supreme Grand Prix Camp Cap
Supreme Reaper Tee
Supreme Motherfucker Towel
Supreme Dynamite Tee
Supreme Mophie Charger
Supreme Terry Jacquard Logo Short
Supreme Bela Lugosi Tee
Supreme Nylon Water Short
Supreme Contrast Stitch Crusher
Supreme Waffle S/S Top
Supreme Mini Floral Rayon S/S Shirt
Supreme Shears Skateboard
Supreme Small Box Zip Up Sweatshirt
Supreme Raffia Woven Logo Camp Cap
Supreme Cloud Tee
Supreme Foulard Polo
Supreme Greetings Tee
Supreme Knit Stripe Tank Top
Supreme Wake The World Tee
Supreme Shears Tee
Supreme It Gets Better Every Time Tee
Supreme Pinhole S/S Shirt

Supreme Super Soaker 50 Water Blaster
Supreme S Logo Short
Supreme®/Castelli Cycling Jersey
Supreme S Logo Polo
Supreme Logo Appliqué Water Short
Supreme®/SealLine® Discovery Dry Bag 5L
Supreme®/SealLine® Discovery Dry Bag 20L
Supreme Rhinestone Basketball Jersey
Supreme Rhinestone Basketball Short
Supreme S Logo Track Jacket
Supreme Water Blaster Keychain
Supreme®/Castelli Cycling Hat
Supreme Side Tape Camp Cap
Supreme Key Stripe S/S Shirt
Supreme First And Best Nylon 6-Panel

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21 Replies to “Supreme SS19 Week 18 Resale Predictions, Best Resell & Retail Prices / Supreme Buju Banton Photo Tee”

  1. xMapleSin

    Copped a lot of good shit online!
    Moka, Prix Cap, Reaper x2, Dynamite, Bella, Cherry x2, Teal Shorts (caught some restocks).

    Then I managed to grab a Grey Buju tee in my ~#200 London slot (all Wake the Worlds were long sold out somehow). Also got 1 more of every tee I already bought online, and another Grand Prix Cap (for the personal!)

    Only downside today was failing to manual a Buju tee online, and having to wait 2.5h in queue to enter the store! 😫

  2. Ryan pops

    Bullshit that all ur accounts got banned from stock x and eBay, worldwidedrip gonna do work bro, best of luck for the drop today fam 🔥


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