24 Replies to “Supreme Bialetti Moka Express – Review + Test”

  1. Damon Nasdaq

    WINNERS OF THE GIVEWAY ARE 1) ewan b with the lacoste polo and 2) mrmatcote for the tommy polo. NEXT GIVEWAY AT 100 SUBS!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT

  2. ClintGreggor

    My personal Bialetti ESpressed some concern with this video and asked me to tell you that he and the rest of his Bialetti comrades are coming to Canada to liberate the Bialetti that you are clearly mistreating. Tisk Tisk….. Shame on you Mr Coffee expert….

  3. velvetmedias Bonura

    The most beautiful video about this coffee maker is finally on youtube. Just type "Bialetti Fetish". Enjoy.

  4. velvetmedias Bonura

    You wanna see some crazier when it comes to the Moka Express ? Just type "bialetti fetish", you'll see how this little thing is just important all around the world…

  5. Conor Hildebrandt

    haha dope video man. Love people actually using their Supreme accessories. Where in Canada are you? I'm in Toronto, just got into Supreme collecting.

  6. Dimitrios Kentrotis - Zinelis

    bro, no offence but this is the most hilarious thing I've watched since long time. From where shall I start?? First mistake, YOU NEVER USE A BIALETTI MAKER staight from the box. first round goes with water and then you do 2-3 more with coffee that you throw without drinking. Otherwise the coffee tastes like aluminiun. Second of all, the finer your grind your coffee beans the better. Basic rule of espresso making. Third, and most important,. WHO TOLD YOU THAT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO PUT BOILING WATER? I couldn't believe my eyes. You also made the scene extra epic by announcing self-righteously that 'You are an expert on coffee'. Imagine if you weren't what could have happened. An explosion or something. You always shall put very cold water inside because the slower the water goes up, the tastier the coffee and the richer the flavour. I mean, rspect your ridiculously over-priced mocha maker and spend 5 minutes extra to really enjoy the process. For your gangsta-style milk foam, no words. I refrain from further comments. You make espresso dude, not mojitos. But cheers for the spectacle, I still laugh whilst typing. Btw espresso, is milk-free, what you tried to make is macchiato. But let's leave coffee terminology for another lesson, shouldn't we? Fifth point: please explain me rationally, what do you gain (apart from spilling half of your coffee in the sink) by dripping cold water on a boiling piece of metal? Completely absurd. The coffee gets cold for no reason. Flexing supreme collabs is nice, but it's also nicer to know the history behind the products we buy and we present online. My wisdom nugget for the day.

  7. Damon Nasdaq

    to enter the giveaway all you gotta do is like the video, subscribe and comment which item you want. I will pick the winner randomly on friday and PM/reply to your comment. Only shipping to Canada and USA. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!


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