Stovetop Milk Steamer DIY for latte Art

#moka #coffee_latte #latte_Art
I built my own stovetop milk steamer out of a Espresso pot. !!!the pot has a safety valve!!!
of course, I used food-safe materials!!

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44 Replies to “Stovetop Milk Steamer DIY for latte Art”

  1. henrikbakk1

    Whow – I keep watching this channel; best Youtube suggestion in a long time. His woodworking is amazing (lots of other videos), and here we're into metal working. Mr. Create is truly creative and has so many clever tricks up his sleve! Awesome share again!

  2. Nigel Hedley

    … waste of £50 … just boil the milk in a saucepan … if you need a steamer you can buy them for £30 …

  3. Atlantida

    Pa ti si na sve strane rasprostran. Vise volim raove sa drvetom. Ona klupica koju si napravio mi jos ne izlazi iz glave :))

  4. Сергей Боков

    Скоро в продаже на китайских рынках)))
    Отличная штука 👍

  5. Rasul Ustarkhanov

    If you calculate how much all the machines for processing wood and metal cost to get the machine in this video, then it’s cheaper to buy coffee in a coffee shop 😂


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