So Great Mama Ally Away Take Care To Clean Baby Albert's Face Looking So Sweet

-Dear Viewer In This Video I want to Show About So Great Mama Ally Away Take Care To Clean Baby Albert’s Face Looking So Sweet
-These group of monkeys are not Angkor Wat monkeys but these group are at My Homeland’s Pagoda on a small mountain here That have far about 270 km from Angkor Wat .
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Hybrid Monkeys Group
Short Word :(P.T0= Pigtail , (H.B)=Hybrid , (L.T) = Long -Tail
Kingstar (P.T) – New King Started 01 /01/ 2020 , Rocky’s Dady
Ajoy – Old king
Vaky (H.B) – Second King
Achhab (L.T) – Second Leader
Kingston (P.T) – Male Handsome ( Disappear )
Boston (P.T) – Male Handsome ( Death )
Wilbur (P.T) – Male Handsome ( Disappear )
Johnny (L.T) – Male Handsome ( Achhab’s waiter )
Jasmine (P.T) – New Female Pet jus Release on November 2019
Amara (H.B – First Alpha female Mom – Sara (H.B)(F)- Amy(H.B)-25-10-18(F)Living At WLA -Amira (Hybrid -30-06-19)
Malida (H.B – Mom – Malina (H.B)(F)-Malika(H.B)(F)-Malita(F)(2017)- Newborn Death ( 24-08-2019)-Newborn Death(01-04-2020) – Received Grandson Orphan Baby Martin to be a Foster child (03-04-2020)
Malina (H.B) – Mom – Martin (H.B) -21-03-2020(M) ( Malina Death 25-03-2020)
Malika (H.B) – Mom – Marto (H.B) -28-04-2020(M)
Cora (l.T) – Mom – Chucky (L.T) -05-12-2017(M) (Lost On November 2018 )
Mekala (H.B) – Mom – Makara (H.B) -13-12-2017(M) -Makaly (H.B)-19-04-2019 (F)
Emila (l.T) – Mom – Milo (H.B) -14-01-2019(M)
Sippey (H.B ) – Mom – Sipper (H.B) -07-12-2017(M) -Sippery (H.B)-19-04-2019(M)
Jinna (H.B) – Mom – Jino (HB) -07-05-2018(M) -Jumbo (H.B)-12-04-2019(M)
Amina (L.T) – Mom – Ana (L.T) -09-09-2017(F) -Amida (L.T)-10-05-2019(F)
Alina (L.T) – Mom – Alika (L.T) -18-04-2019(F)
Arina (L.T) – Mom – Ary. (L.T) -02-02-2020(F)
Joanna (P.T) – Mom – Juma (H.B) -03-05-2016(F) -Jonh (H.B)-03-11- 2017(M)-Jammy(H.B)-03-01- 2019(M)
Brenda (P.T) – Mom – Brenna (P.T) -01-02-2018(F) -Brendy(P.T)-04-01- 2020 (F)
Julie (P.T) – Mom – Jackson(P.T) -22-05-2019(M)
Alissa. (P.T) – Mom – Arial (P.T) -02-12-2017(F) -Anissa(H.B)-02-06- 2019(F)
Elima (P.T) – Mom – Lisa (P.T) -01-01-2018(M)
Julla (P.T) – Mom – Milena (P.T) -01-06-2015 (F) -Milody(H.B)-01-10-2016(F)-Jojo(H.B)-01-12-2017(M)-Joja Death -09-06-2019( M )-Jutta (P.T)-22 /01/2020(F)
Berry (H.B) – Mom – Gumby (H.B) -09-12-2017(M) -Gumber(H.B)-16-04-2019(M)
Mai (L.T) – Mom -Mistery (L.T) -10-12-2016(F) -Misty (L.T)-09-12-2017(F) -Missy (L.T) -31-05-2010(?)
Maya (L.T) – Mom – Maka (L.T) -15-12-2017(M) – Masha(L.T)-01-05-2019(F)
Rana (L.T) – Mom – Rany (L.T) -09-03-2017(F) – Rabi (L.T)-26-03-2019(F)
Monica. (L.T) – Mom – Mony (L.T) -11-05-2019(M) (Monica Death Electric Shock 11-01-2021)
Ariana (P.T) – Mom – Abel (P.T) – 15-02-2019(M)
Ariya (P.T) – Mom – Rozany (P.T) -13-8-2017 (F) -Allen(P.T)-26-04-2019(M)
Sara (P.T) – Mom – Sarah (H.B) -15-01-2018(F) Neborn Passed Away (H.B)-16-04-2019 (?) Saki (H.B) -25-04-2020(M)
Charlina (P.T) – Mom – Charlino(H.B)-27-02-2017(M) – Charlie(H.B)-27-02-2018(M)-Charlo((H.B)17-01-2019(M)-Justin(H.B)29-02-2020(M)
Rosalie (H.B) – Mom – Robert (H.B) -20-02-2018(M)- Ricky (H.B)-31-03-2020(M)
Mana (L.T) – Mom – Many (L.T) -13-02-2018(F) -Sofia (L.T) 02 -02-2020 (F)
Colla (H.B) – Mom – Cocola (H.B) -15-06-2017(F) -Coca (H.B)-01-02- 2019(M)
Melina (P.T) – Mom – Minny (P.T) -06-01- 2019(F) -Micky (P.T) -02-04-2010(M)
Preety (P.T) – Mom – Pinky (P.T) -28-07-2018 (F)
Mala (P.T) – Mom – Maly ((P.T) –09-2018 (F)
Molla (P.T) – Mom – Macky ((P.T) -05-2017 ( M) Molly((P.T)-09-2018 (F).Moka((P.T) 29.03-2020(F)
Rosa (P.T) – Mom – Rosita ((P.T) -01-11-2017(F)
Rozy (P.T) – Mom – Rozana (P.T) -01-12-2017 (F) -Rocky(P.T)-19 -09-1019
Marry (P.T) – Mom – David (P.T) -10-12-2017 (M) -Mario (H.B)-11-06-2019 (M)
Crystal. (P.T) – Mom – Carter (P.T) -01-07-2018 (M) -Cristo (P.T) -18-09-2019
Sandy (H.B) – Mom – Ruby (H.B) 13-1-2018 (F) -Santa (H.B) 11-04-2019 (F) -(Sandy Death – 11-04-2019 )
Alida (H.B) – Mom – Aldo (H.B) 15-05-2015 (M) -Alita (H.B) -31 /01/ 2019 (F)
Teva (H.B) – Mom – Vanila (H.B) -13-01-200? (F) – Tevy (H.B) –10-2018 (F)-Camilo (H.B) -18-02-2020 (M)
Vanila (H.B) – Mom – Vanilli(H.B) 10-04-2020
Elena (H.B) – Mom – Elesa (H.B) 10-02-2018 (F) -Leno (H.B) 14-12-2018 (M
Molena (H.B) – Mom – Just Born Passed Way (H.B) 08-012-2019 (?)
Mack (P.T) – Small Boy (H.B) 13-9-2017 (M)
Marina (P.T)) – Mom Marika ((P.T) 12-10-2017 (F)-Marita (H.B) 13-05-2019(F)
Mack (P.T) – Orphan Male (P.T) ) 05-10-2017)
Thanks You For Seeing My List For Most Remains name Of others Monkeys I will Update As Soon as Possible

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8 Replies to “So Great Mama Ally Away Take Care To Clean Baby Albert's Face Looking So Sweet”

  1. Brandi Houser

    She's not cleaning his face. You see all those red dots on his nose and above his top lip? That's from her plucking out his hair with her teeth. That is so sad. I really thought she would be a good Mom but she's treating him just like she did the cats, like a toy.

  2. Angela Goins

    I never watched her stealing kittens videos. Someone in the comments said yesterday she used to pluck the kittens wiskers out. Well his face was perfect yesterday. Now its got all those little sores. SHES PLUCKING HIS DAMN HAIR OFF HIS FACE! I thought yesterday, how sweet. she is overly protective and cleaning and loving on him!! NO!! She is PLUCKING that babies facial hair!! Omg I had high hopes for Ally when this baby was born. Obviously she has some serious damn issues that a baby isn't going to fix!!! Poor little guy

  3. Cathrine White

    @Pigtail Monkeys can you check on old Merrima? It looks like she was attacked by a Male. One leg she lost a big piece of her skin. She was really crying, and her backside is all bloody. Too many males there?😢

  4. Marilyn Williams

    She was trying to stimulate Albert but he is weak. Such a wonderful mother always holding him to her breast. The first day he was born he had more energy. I'm wondering if there is a milk problem


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