Sealpod Reusable Capsule vs Lavazza Capsule for Nespresso Machines – Comparison Video

We all agree that having a coffee capsule machine makes life easier. Great coffee ready in seconds.

But then, you feel something is off. You know that there are some drawbacks about the system:
– If you don’t put the extra effort into recycling, all that garbage hurts our environment.
– You spend more money on pre-packed coffee capsules.
– You might get tired of the limited coffee selections and want to try fresh roasted coffee from your favorite local roaster.

Well, just like you, Molly Liu, founder of SealPod, had the same concerns many years ago, thats why she started the journey to developing SealPod….

Molly started the development of SealPod capsule back in 2012 and took over 2 years of research on hundreds of machines, laboratory testing for non toxic issues, and perfecting the brewing, and in May 2014, SealPod was finally ready. ^___^

In this video, we want to share with you the result of brewing SealPod Reusable Capsule vs Lavazza Capsule.

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