37 Replies to “Safety first – take care of yourself and the others 🙏🏻”

  1. YuGo

    Der Mundschutz diente doch bestimmt nur als Statement oder haha!
    Stehst du eig immer in deinem cafe so unter druck also 100 cappuccino in 20 sekunden zu machen oder ist das mehr die Ausnahme?


    in Saudi Arabia we stopped using local glass cups, local stay in cafe not allowed, only take away, coffee to go, i wish this crisis go away as soon as possible

  3. Dark Soul

    Wearing gloves and mask wont protect anyone, go home and stay there!! Mask wont protect you ! masks should be weared only by those who got infected in case they cough they wont spread saliva, Virus can live on objects for some hours, if you dont know how to use gloves and change rlly often wont save u/us either!

  4. Chris Stamati

    U should go home and protect your self ,not to be like a doctor for a cup of coffee…I recommend to you….for the health of everyone 👊


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