REVIEW: Fino Miya 1.2L Coffee Drip Pourover Kettle / Pot for Pour Over Coffee – Unboxing

Hands-on unboxing, test, & review of the Fino (Miya) 1.2L Coffee and Tea Drip kettle / pot.♥ We love to hear from you! ♥ Please feel free to ask questions and share your own experiences.Dimensions: 6.8″ tall, 11.4″ across (from handle tip, to spout tip)Music courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.FTC – This is not a sponsored video.Coffee (Beverage Type),Food (TV Genre),Drip Brew (Ranked Item),Cafe,Review,coffee,pourover,pour over,kettle,teapot,tea kettle,coffee pot,coffeepot,Tea,Lounge,gear,equipment,mokabees,mokabee,mochabees,gooseneck,hario,bonavita,fino,miya,unboxing,best,how to,brew,pouring,induction,tools,coffee pourover

6 Replies to “REVIEW: Fino Miya 1.2L Coffee Drip Pourover Kettle / Pot for Pour Over Coffee – Unboxing”

  1. Juan Precio

    Great video I was curious if you could make a video on brewing with the melitta coffee maker you showed in the video? It's actually kinda hard to find a video on it

  2. lesslighter

    interesting the first thing I noticed from the unboxing of the kettle is what seems to be the "Made in Tsubame" stickered to the pot, the same thing found on my Tsubame & Kalita wave dripper

  3. Evan Dixon

    My wife liked the look of this one the best out of all the gooseneck kettles, so we're going with this one. Thank you for the video review, I think it will be a good purchase!

  4. J.K. Chen

    Hi there!

    I'm still deciding between Hario and Fino Miya kettle, and luckily I just found out this video.

    I few questions:
    – Have you try to put less water in the kettle to avoid the water and steam coming out from the three little holes on the top (just like in the video)?
    – And can you turn the holes side to other opposite site of the grip?

    If you have any extra tips for me I'll be glad to hear it.

    Thank you for the video 🙂


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