29 Replies to “Quarantine Days”

  1. Vulperine

    Hi Dritan! I just want to say, you're the reason why I now can solo bar at a coffee shop. Your videos have shown me how to put love into every latte, and it pains me to see you cramped up inside your house. You belong in that shop, it is your calling, and your life. I hope you and your shop can come out strong at the end of this crisis, and return to normal. Thank you Dritan.

  2. Zluty Zakaznik

    I believe option B consists of: locking down himself in the cafe or its educational room, turning all the machines on and maintaining following health routine: fifty back flushes every day and for each machine, diassembling and cleaning all the grinders ten times a day and making a thousand of soap-water cappuccinos per machine and day after that….this should be fairly easy for someone of this caliber. 🙂

  3. Gerrick The Magician

    Hope you make Barista Show for one until two hours, i enjoy your Barista Show, i downloaded it to my flashdisk and watch with family😂 Hi from Indonesia!


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