Purana Mandir

The movie story is about Suman who lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widower dad, Thakur Ranvir Singh, and an unmarried aunt, Damyanti, in a palatial house in Bombay. They are direct descendants of Raja Hariman Singh of Bijapur. When Ranvir finds out that Suman is in love with a middle-classed male, Sanjay, he expresses displeasure and forbids her to ever see him again. When she persists, he tells her that there is a curse on the entire family – a curse that was inflicted 200 years ago by a blood-thirsty, flesh-eating demon named Samri. This curse impacts only women in their family, who are hideously transformed after giving birth to their firstborn, and die a painful death. Treating this as mere superstitious, Suman and Sanjay, along with Sanjay’s friend, Anand and his wife, Sapna, set out to Bijapur to unearth and put an end to this rumor – not knowing that soon they will resurrect a virtually indestructible Samri – who is out to kill the remainder of the Singh family before wrecking havoc on the region

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29 Replies to “Purana Mandir”

  1. Naaz Fatima

    Bahut acchi hai Purana Mandir Ram Se brothers adult horror film very horror and dangerous and background music kya naam kya naam hai uska Ajit Singh very nice director other film Ram Se brothers very good horror film

  2. Irfan Khan

    That a peaceful mid-'80s and late 80's. I never forgot my childhood in my village with my parents. VCR and B/W Television days.

  3. IGNOU

    I want to watch this movie in Cinema but that's not possible.We have lost these kind of movies now.
    Earlier people's were very lucky.
    Who agrees with this.


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