Our Coffee Routine / How To Use A Moka Pot

Kuba is the barista in our tiny house. 🙂 He makes us coffee every day in our moka pot. We like using a moka pot because it’s simple to use and efficient. It doesn’t require many coffee grounds (we use under 21 grams) and the espresso tastes great! Also, now we can enjoy our coffee without any plastic packaging. We buy coffee beans in bulk, sugar in a paper bag, and skip the soy milk Tetrapak. We’re an American-Polish couple who built our first tiny house in Mazury, Poland. Our ultimate goal is to be completely off-grid, self-sustainable, and as close to zero-waste as possible.

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28 Replies to “Our Coffee Routine / How To Use A Moka Pot”

  1. Andrea Montoya

    Hi guys! So many questions… I’m obsessed with the idea of have a simple and sustainable life. I’ll keep an eye on you! (Or both) hugs and good vibes, from Arizona.

  2. djjerome

    This has to be my favorite of your recent videos. I watched it least three or four times and it inspired me to start watching a bunch of videos about moka pots and coffee culture. I always loved the moka pot it has such a stylish design to it. I had a little espresso machine at one point and it was fun but a little fussy to use. The moka pot looks like it's a pretty straightforward way to make coffee and also low waste because there are no filters to throw away. I think I may go out and get one. Anyway, you and Kuba keep rockin' nee brewin' in the free world😎👍

  3. Florinda Lucero

    How do you keep the outside of your Mokapot so shiny? I wash by hand but with daily use, after about 3 months, she's looking rugged 🙂

  4. Rambling Elsewhere

    Also a trick is to you put a piece of round cut to size paper filter in the filter cup area where the rubber gasket is and you don't get the sediment…if you don't like sediment…so a cleaner cup!

  5. dawid Przybylak

    Columbia jest super polecam, ma moc . Sam też zacząłem pić świeżo mielone i niema nic lepszego .młynek na Mikołaja był trafiony w punkt Tyle lat straciłem na picie sypanej plujki. Pozdrawim

  6. Zzukiyaki 75

    I Love coffee and i Love my Moka pot!! But I have seen you guys are using a transparent jar for your coffee beans. According to my research and coffee books (I was sooo devoted to be my own Barista. Hehe) You should use an Opaque jar. Because light that passes through those lovely beans will affect the flavor of the coffee. I hope not though. :-)☕️☕️☕️

  7. Turquoise Tortoise

    Will you be adding links for the coffee grinder and the bialetti? I want to order both and will use your links if you’re going to post them 👍😁

  8. Lyndsey MacPherson

    Thank you so much for this! I have a Bialetti, but could never master its use, but now I think I can! One question: How did you know it was done?

  9. Jb Oo

    Watching a double bill of you guys today … love it when I save them to watch on one go🤓….. and I have one of those coffee makers on display in my kitchen that was given to me but I never actually knew how to use it. So now I do. Thanks kuba … yeahh! So cool 🙏🏾🍀🍀🍀

  10. Margaret James

    'love sharing&caring…Lisa you're a gem on how much you teach us too…both of you leading the way..always wonderful to start your day with a cup..of..your favorite coffee..'🍵☕️

  11. Margaret James

    'hi Lisa&Kuba..back on track..I've been looking at one of these little coffee pots for a little bit of time..and wondered how easy to use..love listening to tutorials on how to use..where to buy..and also grinders.. thankyou' much appreciated'

  12. Mikołaj Bittner

    I prefer using aeropress for coffee, I used to use moka pot, but the temperature is to high and it makes coffee sauer.

  13. Luca Ferroglio

    I'm Italian. Born in the city of Bialetti, the inventor of this coffee machine. I use it regularly.

    How can you put BOILING WATER in it? That is wrong. You put cold water, and put it on very low gas. (Repeat… VERY LOW gas).
    Also, the water in the machine will not boil. The pressure in the tank below will increase, and push the hot (not boiling) water up the pipe through the coffee.
    The water will slowly pass through the coffee collecting the oils and taste of the coffee..

    If you keep on roasting the coffee as you mention, you don't roast it.
    You burn it.

  14. Gordon & Roxanne

    Thanks Lisa I am really loving these daily vlogs. I am neither vegan, a minamalist or living tiny but I love all you are doing!!! Roxanne

  15. Katja M

    I've made my coffee like this for years and I love it!! <3 it's also easier on my body like this because I get anxiety from filtered (regular) coffee. The bean roast and the brewing makes it somehow different and easier to digest for me <3

  16. Majlis Jensen

    Yummy coffee!. My favorite time of day is an early morning (when it is still dark outside) and 2 mugs of French press organic coffee, plus a good book.


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