[No Music] Best Moka Pot Technique (To Avoid Bitter Coffee) How To Use Bialetti Moka Express Video

Best Moka Pot Technique (To Avoid Bitter Coffee) How To Use Bialetti Moka Express Video*****
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❉ About this video – Best Moka Pot Technique
In this video from Food Talks, you will learn how to use a Bialetti Moka Express with a few tips on the best moka pot technique to help you make great coffee at home. Moka pots brew a rich expresso-like coffee, but if you’re not careful with the technique, the coffee can become bitter. This is why we put together a list of tips to make an intense but delicious cup of coffee.

Fine or medium-fine coffee grounds
Your favorite milk (cow, soy, almond…) for a cappuccino
Cocoa powder to serve

Best Moka Pot Technique (7 tips to avoid bitter coffee)
Tip 1. Fresh coffee grounds will give you the best result.
Tip 2. Use good quality water, bottled or filtered ideally.
Tip 3. Pre-heat your water, to reduce the amount of time the moka pot has to stay on the stove.
Tip 4. Fill the coffee basket with coffee grounds, and try to distribute the coffee evenly, but do not press on the coffee.
Tip 5. Brew you coffee on medium heat (on gas oven) or high heat (on electric oven).
Tip 6. Open the moka pot lid just before the coffee starts going up the chamber. You will hear a whistling sound.
Tip 7. When the coffee starts spurting and spewing that watery liquid, remove the moka pot from the heat and place it on a cool surface.

To froth the milk, we use a cheap French press and it makes real-delicious-super-silky foam.

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In this video, you will learn the best moka pot technique and how to use a Bialetti Moka Express with a few tips to avoid bitter coffee. We use the Bialetti Moka Express 2 cups.

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  1. --

    With pre-ground coffee, you are going to end up with extremely bitter, awful coffee. It's waaay too fine. You can order coffee online pre-ground for moka pot, or just buy beans and grind it yourself.

  2. wyndlpoons76

    I'm jealous. I have the same Hamilton Beach Kettle as you and the switch locked down by just pressing it gently. Mine only did that for the first week or so I had it. Now I have to hold it down for 30-45 seconds before the internal lock engages to keep the switch down. Still a great kettle though.

  3. Shelby Guizar

    Thank you for the clarification on the heat! All the other videos say medium heat and I have an electric stove and my coffee hasn’t been turning out the best. Now I know to turn up the heat for my electric stove. Appreciate it!

  4. Juliana Rodriguez

    You left the heat on high! 🔈 , you said medium. Also what did you do to the milk 🥛? Is that a froth contraption?

  5. Cutie Craftie

    Wow that looks so perfect 😍
    Will definitely try your tips to make coffee 💖💕
    New friend… Stay connected 👍

  6. Fill Feel the table필더테이블

    Wow, do you make mocha coffee, too? It's so cool!! I'm learning well from the perfect explanation!! I think it'll taste much better if I eat it like this.Thank you again today!❤️❤️


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