New Vauxhall (Opel) Mokka review: is this most improved car of 2021?

The Vauxhall Mokka has never been a crossover that has troubled the top of the class, and it hasn’t ever really been the most desirable, either. Not that it mattered: Vauxhall shifted thousands of them. Now however, there’s an all-new car for 2021, and it both looks sharper and drives better than ever before. But has the quantum leap forward thrusted the Mokka to the top of the class? John McIlroy finds out.

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27 Replies to “New Vauxhall (Opel) Mokka review: is this most improved car of 2021?”

  1. Stephen Boulton

    Vaux hall will thrive under french ownership.
    This car is fresh and bang up to date on styling etc.
    I have hyundai kona premium which i love.
    Next pcp will be the mokka or 2008.

  2. MW mv

    Totally pointless car for me. Crossland is cheaper and better in every meaningful way – more space, bigger boot space, useful armrest (in Mokka it is a joke), more comfortable in every way, simpler execution. Who is Mokka for? For women who will buy it for the name …?

  3. 意 Janzhs 意

    More than half of the people being negative in this comment section are probably too broke to even afford this car, that says a lot…

  4. Keith Newton

    You say the mokka show the new direction but wait stop
    The Crossland had this front and it went on sale 3 months ago. So that means the Crossland is first debut the new vauxhall / Opel styling direction. So you need to get your duck in order .
    The mokka is the second model in the range to have the visor treatment.

  5. Lisa Garner

    I love my new mokka fantastic to drive. Had a Audi Q5 S line previously although loved that as well was too big. This is the best buy I've made. Gear changing so smooth. 1.2 petrol GT it has guts in it and will move. Very happy. Hopefully as I'm in Spain I will get my car manual in English soon, that's my only disappointment.

  6. forester32

    Nice car but i was falling asleep with the preseting it was like watching a 1980"s Top Gear with the quick turns to camera, Ha Ha.

  7. Corona virus

    Since the joint venture is just going to be one more alternative to the same platform. I was hoping the quality was better but unfortunately I think it joined is cousins there's a bit let down in order to reduce costs. In exterior it's the best of the three. Let's see if with this new direction, what are going to be the results.

  8. General RAAM

    If you squint hard enough you can just about make out PSA styling on the exterior , not a bad thing though.


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