My new favorite way to make coffee! Minos 3-cup Moka Pot Review

My new favorite way to make coffee! Minos 3-cup Moka Pot Review.
Minos Living sent me this amazing Moka Pot set.
It cames with the coffee maker, milk and sugar bowl.
It’s heavy duty, chromed, stainless steel.
It’s looks really snazzy and works very well.
It’s really nice!
The coffee tasted fantastic.
It’s pricey though….
Still, it would make an excellent gift for someone.
Here’s some links to check it out yourself.
If you’re interested-
Minos Moka Pot Espresso Maker – 3 cup – 5 fl oz – Stainless Steel:
Minos Stainless Steel Creamer Pitcher – 8.5 OZ – Condiment Server:
Minos Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl With Lid – 8.5 OZ

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9 Replies to “My new favorite way to make coffee! Minos 3-cup Moka Pot Review”

  1. laura sibley

    big thumbs up for your tardis sugar box!…..and the video….although I agree….I drink my coffee in the biggest mugs I can find 🙂

  2. TheFarrierphil

    yes, I've had a similar one for years. like yourself he only gripe is it's a small cup you get from it! haha, great TARDIS👍👍


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