My 4-cup Brikka Problem (Part 2) – “No Crema Problem” SOLVED!!

….continued from my previous video titled “My 4-cup Brikka Prolem (Part 1) – Never Creates “Crema””, all the bean and settings remain unchange.

My 4-cup Brikka problem (no “crema”, different mouth feel, color and taste from 2-cup Brikka) is solved with the changed of funnel to 6-cup Moka Express funnel! At the end of this video, I compared the 2 coffees. Left hand side was the “no crema” coffee, which was using 4-cup Brikka funnel.

Change of funnel saved my 4-cup Brikka. But, I still don’t understand why my funnel can cause no crema. Now I enjoy my 4-cup Brikka coffee every day. For those who having the same problem as mine, hope this video helps.

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28 Replies to “My 4-cup Brikka Problem (Part 2) – “No Crema Problem” SOLVED!!”

  1. toilet paper

    Wow. You actually clean your moka pots….I just let mine gain all the coffee residues and avoid ever washing with detergent as i don't want any chemical to potentially change the flavour.
    I hope that wouldn't offend you if you ever decide to enjoy a coffee with me.

  2. Вят #

    Всё очень просто! В новых Brikka на 4 чашки трубка на воронке имеет маленький диаметр. Да и клапан похуже, так как сделан не в Италии. Если хотите чтобы работала старая воронка, то нужно срезать старую трубку, увеличить диаметр отверстия приблизительно на 4мм и приварить новую трубку такой же длины, но внутренним диаметром на 4мм больше! Ещё больше увеличить пену поможет груз на 10-15гр. который положите на клапан сверху. Таким образом вы увеличите давление выброса. Мне это помогло. Работает лучше чем Brikka на 2 чашки. Всем любви, добра и удачи!

    Everything is very simple! In the new Brikka 4-cup tube on the funnel has a small diameter. And the valve is worse, because it is not made in Italy. If you want an old funnel to work, then you need to cut off the old tube, increase the hole diameter by about 4 mm and weld a new tube of the same length, but 4 mm more internal diameter! More increase the foam will help the load by 10-15gr. which put on the valve on top. This will increase the discharge pressure. It helped me. It works better than Brikka on 2 cups. All the love, good and good luck!

  3. Marek Pilka

    Hi. I think I read about this. On some funells there were little holes on the side to bottom "corner" due to manudacturer fault. Try to check it out.

  4. আরিফুর রহমান

    I think your coffee ground is too coarse. hence when pressure is building up, when it should be pushing through the ground, it's making a hole in the coarse ground and straight out. if the ground is fine, the steam should filter through, thereby extracting much better and it's that slow steam pressure that creates the crema. I'm no expert, just my thoughts.

  5. Lori Cox

    Loved mine the first 6 times I used it then started having all kinds of problems. Took it apart, cleaned everything, replaced gasket, replaced filter, worked once since. I ordered a 6 cup Bialetti Moka Express funnel (by mistake) BUT it won't fit my 4 cup Brikka so not sure how yours did. (?) Bialetti website is no help. About to throw the whole thing in the trash.

  6. Talk Smoke

    Dude you're too anal. Counting every bean. Its not rocket science. Just make the coffee. Also dangerous to leave top up…unless you want to get burned

  7. Tangthai Keawpinij

    Yhe water level should be below safety valve, may be if water higher than water level, the pot cannot build pressure to generate cream.

  8. lapassion24

    Nice.. but I think I have the older version like one of the two pots you have.. will it still do the job!!??


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