Mr. Brown Iced Coffee Review: Taste Test of 4 Flavors from my Asian Market

If you’ve visited Asia or almost any Asian market since the ’80s, you’ll recognize the familiar, jovial face on “Mr. Brown” Iced Coffees. These chubby little cans come in seven flavors, four of which we’ll try today. At 99 cents each, they’re a bargain compared to similarly-sized iced coffees from Starbucks.

That being said, Mr. Brown coffees aren’t necessarily considered to be “high quality” coffee. But that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a household name throughout the Asian world.

During my research on the product, I read several articles from “coffee experts” either admitting in *hushed tones* that Mr. Brown was their guilty pleasure, or denouncing the flavor entirely. So I honestly came into this review with low expectations.

We taste-tested four flavors, including:
• Original Iced Coffee Flavor
• Blue Mountain Blend
• Cappuccino Flavor
• Macadamia Nut Flavor

What were the results? Check out the video to find out!


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18 Replies to “Mr. Brown Iced Coffee Review: Taste Test of 4 Flavors from my Asian Market”

  1. Paul H

    "A little on the thin side" I believe Mr. Brown is meant to be chilled in the refrigerator and not diluted with ice. Other than that nit, great review!

  2. Blaine Melton

    I just tried my first Mr. Browns Iced Coffee. I had the Iced Vanilla and it was delicious. Way better than Starbucks in price and taste

  3. zeroangelmk1

    I'm a bit of a coffee fan, as I prefer to grind my own beans, and even I think this coffee is remarkably decent. It's definitely a cut above, say, Folgers, and is quite drinkable even when not chilled. I love the smell. And it's nice and convenient to keep these in the fridge for when I want a quick coffee fix or want something that's not hot. Definitely recommend this.

  4. me mo

    Lmao I discovered this at this Asian store today and and my mom and I were like, "Coffee in a can? What the hell! Must try..!" and grabbed one can for nearly every flavor available there. So far my brother has tried the Macadamia and I've tried the vanilla flavor (which was delicious). I offered some to my mom, however by then she had already forgotten about it and made herself her own coffee.

  5. MyBoobear27

    I love Mr. Brown's coffee..I use to drink them all the time when I lived in Guam..I hope I can find them in my local Asian market! 🙂

  6. Tyler Brown

    Thanks for the review, I am going to see if I can find the blue cans around. $99c for the regular ones at my Asian markets, however buying a case usually $85-90cents each.

  7. MSFanboy Din

    I think instead of adding ice, just cooling it in the fridge would give a stronger taste, melted ice water dilutes their taste.

  8. D

    I found it unknowingly in my Vietnamese grocery store. I have to say I found that I liked the blue mountain blend. I should try the original next.

  9. Miguel Albarracin

    I LOVE Mr Brown Coffee. My local shop sells it for 0.79 cents. Stocked up with 20 cans. My personal faves are Macadamia and Blue Mountain,

  10. titsbeerbong420

    I can find only 3 of them. Had the blue mountain one from a gerocry store long ago, then if I even did see them since it wasn't many times otherwise just recently saw them again. So, a little while back tryed the cappuccino one out and have iced coffee in fridge as I type this but soon enough will have it. As for the other's that are made I dunno if only select places in the world get them or what the deal is as I don't see any other after 3 of them.(In stores) Cheer's!!!

  11. DollTarget

    Loved this video! I love seeing alternatives to the more (American) mainstream coffee options. I'll have to look for these at our asian markets!


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