Monthly Confessions Jun-Aug19 | What Did I Buy? | Kat L

In Summary, I failed in ALL CATEGORIES. Onwards to September!

All links below are non-affiliated…just links to help make your search easier if you are interested.

🔸Zara Top (no link anymore)
🔸Yucca Dress in Rust from Ginlee Size 34

Makeup & Skincare
🔸Rephr Kickstarter
🔸Paula Choice’s Niacinamide Booster Serum
🔸Elta MD UV Physical Sunblock
🔸OPI Yellow Nailpolish
🔸Lisa Eldridge’s Lipsticks
🔸Chantecaille Real Bronzer in Sirena
🔸Natasha Denona Gold
🔸Shu Uemura Blushe M325 Soft Pink

Luxury & Stuff
🔸Jill Maurer’s website
🔸Osewaya Earrings
🔸Bialetti Moka Express from Tangs or here Amazon
🔸Starbucks Bears! OBSESSED!
🔸Pandora Bee
🔸Pandora Bee Hive
🔸Naraya Bag
🔸Hello Kitty x LeSportSac Classic Hobo, Cosmetic Pouch & Coin Purse


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🔸Discovery PICO Laser & PDRN Serum
🔸Hermes Toolbox vs Hermes Lindy26
🔸Stop Shopping 2019 & My Rules


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32 Replies to “Monthly Confessions Jun-Aug19 | What Did I Buy? | Kat L”

  1. Irina Ned

    Wow, you and Michele totally made me to cave in for the Rephr brushes☺️! I started following Michele on your recommendation and, boy, she IS good. I am soo glad that you seem better, too ❤️❤️🥰!

  2. Life of MC

    Your skin is so beautiful! I love Jill Maurer too, as we became Youtube friends since i did her jewelry style tag, my first and official video uploaded. Those are cute Japanese earrings and bears! I'm a fan of cute little things as well. I'm loving your confession videos. Cheers!

  3. xypinay

    OMGGGG I’ve never heard of the Starbucks bears how freaking adorable 😭😭😭 so cute I don’t think I’ve ever seen those in the US! So cute they’re little bearistas 😍 I need!

  4. Rachel Yvanez

    Boy, did I fail miserably in the last 3 months!!! You’d probably fall off your seat (like I did … I was so appalled from it, I don’t feel I deserve to get back on my seat 😑) and I don’t want that to happen to you so I won’t get into details.
    I don’t know of these “localized” Starbucks bears! Will definitely be on a lookout for them 😉
    I too have a select few Hello Kitty pieces. Love those 😊

  5. Rachel Gomez

    Oh I’m so happy to see you smiling and giggling again! I love you and have missed you! I hope your heart is healing and your days are a little brighter 🥰🙏🏻😘

  6. Krista K

    You got so many cute things! I love the strap on the hello kitty bag and that little coffee maker is adorable! ❤️

  7. ROS Ali

    Hi.. Kat
    Love your Super Cute Starbucks Teddy. 😍
    Can't Wait To See You Display All Yours McD Soft Toys Collection.

    Your Pandora Bee Hive..
    I LOVE it.!!😍❤

    Naraya Bags.. totally remind me of Bangkok 😍

    Hello Kitty.. Ohhh I LOVE All Of it.

    Thank You for sharing. 😍❤

    * Been Control On My Expenses.
    Looking Forward On December 2019 😉

  8. Clarazeela Z2

    Hey Kat this was a really nice video to watch with bits and bobs of interesting stuff. Your cracked me up with the Sbux bear 🐻 and the little dance – so cute !! Gotta show Mr Kwantum Kitty your Hello Kitty haul!! How come I didn’t get mirror in HK ?!!! Grrrr! Anyways good luck in the next 3 months and that orange dress looked fabulous on you !! Keep smiling !!

  9. T T

    Kat have you heard of Nuskin (a MLM company) products like Lumispa/ Mud mask etc? I know of ppl who use these but I am skeptical of the company. If you know about them what is your view? Thank you 🙏

  10. chocchipshortbread

    There is always a place for more Hello Kitty things in life! ❤ Nice to see you back on YouTube, hope you are well!

  11. PreMeYumLife

    The bears r soooo cute!!! 😄❤️🐻 this summer was not good, I caved n got the mini ©️©️reissue n Hermès rtw. 🖤😅 thanks for sharing my lady. 😘😘😘Sandy

  12. ItsOnlyWarPaint

    Dyson hoovers are a pain to clean out, as it’s not just the containers that need emptying, dust and hair gets caught up in all the nooks & crannies. I have 2, and I might go with Shark next.

  13. Daniel Hammond

    The bears are hilarious! I don't recall ever seeing them here. I am collecting the tumblers, though not all of them. Thank you for the video!

  14. litoserenity

    I’m your instigating instagram friend! Haha, I’m so glad to see you back. Your video always cheer me up and make a part of my day bright and happy. Your loving thoughts and memories keep Shareem’s spirit alive. Keep on continue being you, babe. Jia you!

  15. GinaLvoe

    Omgoodness Kat! Those Bears!!!!❤️❤️ I’m just starting to get into collection the Starbucks Destination Mugs! & had no idea they did Bears too! That is sooo cool! Love them! & omgoodness for the Hello Kitty Haul!❤️ Gahh love it all!😘😘 Gina❤️

  16. FashionablyAMY

    Omg those bears are so adorable! I don't think Starbucks North America makes them at all. Amazing haul babe! ❤️

  17. Celia Butts

    It is so great to see happy Kat.. I really enjoy your videos and vlogs.. you and your Hubbie also make great vlogs together 😊😊

  18. Aimless Light

    I almost bought a bag, but some things didn't work out. I'm so glad I didn't make the purchase! ☺️ I will be going on a short trip this weekend and putting the money towards my trip instead. Love your Hello Kitty pieces! ❤️ I'm also a huge fan and it took all of my willpower to resist the Furla Hello Kitty collection this year. I didn't purchase it, but I occasionally think of the cute print. Only a few more months to go. Stay strong! 💪

  19. melikeetoo

    I had a hello kitty obsession. Have some Tarina Tarantino pieces. Love how accountable you are! I must admit I too have a Vacuum on my wish list! Have been wanting an iRobot for two years 🙈🙈🙈


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