Moka pot vs. French Press

In that short video I explain three main differences between cheapest coffee makers: moka pots and french presses. Plus one hint for buying moka pot.

Original Italian Bialetti Moka Express for 6 cups: Cheaper stainless steel alternative, made in China: Among french presses I reccommend Bodum:

In brief: 1) Moka pot makes less amount of stronger coffee, which is similar to classical espresso shot. 2) French press will brew somthing similiar to filter coffee 3) If you are choosing moka pot to buy, consider that ‘moka pot for 6 cup’ is really just for one mug of coffee 4) Moka pot is more complicated, but don’t be afraid. It’s quite simple indeed. Also it takes less time to make a coffee in the morning with moka pot, rather then with french press.

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12 Replies to “Moka pot vs. French Press”

  1. amanieux

    you correctly mentioned the obvious taste difference : moka pot makes a stronger tasting coffee but you forgot to explain that brewing time is much shorter on moka pot (the time water is in contact with coffee and not total time including water heating) so the 2 consequences of the shorter brewing time in moka pot are :1/ moka pot has less caffeine (if you want a coffee to wake you up or stimulate your brain activity then choose french press) and 2/moka pot has less subtle flavors (coffe buyers taste coffee in french press not in moka pots).

  2. AntPDC

    I like my coffee very hot and rich, so insipid and almost tepid french press doesn't float my boat at all. Moka pot FTW!


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