Moka Pot / Stove top Espresso maker handle repair

Warning: Long wordy video on how to repair your Moka pot / Stove Top Espresso Maker handle. Filmed and edited entirely on an iPad mini with iMovie. Also see the other video on my channel about the handle and heat – copper is a heat conductor BUT this mod works well, just make sure you take it off the stove once your shot of joy is done!

Go read the wikipedia pages on the Moka pot, fascinating, did you know the shot of coffee from this is not classified as an espresso shot as the pressure needs to be 9 bar and these little guys put out about 1.5 bar (less here at 5000ft) Here is a quote from wikipedia:

Moka pots can create a foam emulsion, known as crema. However, the maximum pressure for coffee extraction that can be achieved with a Moka pot is 1.5 bar[citation needed]. According to the Italian Espresso National Institute and the Specialty Coffee Association of America, an espresso must be made using a precise extraction pressure of 9 bar.[11][12] So, while a Moka coffee pot can produce a crema similar to espressos, different equipment is required to make a true espresso.

6 Replies to “Moka Pot / Stove top Espresso maker handle repair”

  1. Paul Parker

    Thank you very much for posting this – we had three pots here with burned-off handles; I've just finished successfully repairing the first one, and I'll do the other two tonight!

    UPDATED 10pm – all three now work again! 🙂

  2. konafan

    Amazon does stock replacement Bialetti handles, they come with a pin but the replacement handle has to be drilled to take the pin. Do you have any idea how to get the existing pin out of the Moka? I guess you didn't have to do that for your mod. Cheers.


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