Moka Pot sputtering or not working correctly: how to solve it!

If your Moka Pot is sputtering or spitting coffee while brewing it, or it is not even brewing coffee, it just releases steam, in this I give a tip of how to solve this issue, so that you can brew a perfect coffee with your Moka Pot!

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17 Replies to “Moka Pot sputtering or not working correctly: how to solve it!”

  1. jimmy jones

    Thank you Vinny for the tip, I figure that for this type of pot only an Italian 🇮🇹 explain it right. My family has been using this type of coffee Perculator since I was a kid in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴.

  2. J-M P

    Thanks for you video, it helped me solved my problem after installing a new gasket, i think my problem was a combination of several things, deformed funnel, new gasket probably no seating in as well as the previous one and not screwing the top enough as i did not need to tighten it too much before. The PTFE surely did not do any harm but the water was coming up before i added it. My previous gasket was absolutely fused to the pot.

  3. Ahmad Harb

    Hello, I used your solution and its working very good! I know that you mentioned that it can withstand up to 230 C however, the tape I am using is melting, or to be more specific the white color of the tape is gone on some parts of the tape, leaving a transparent tape. so I am concerned about using this tape. I read your comments one said you could use a tape for engines! Can you think of something else I could use?

  4. It's Brown Time Vlogs

    Finally a solution that worked!! Hot water, fine ground beans, fixing the seal.. none of that worked. You are brilliant my friend! Thanks for posting.

  5. Shiki and Yora

    thank you for this video and showing us what's the cause. i solved this issue by screwing the top and bottom chamber as humanly tightly as possible. Perhaps you guys should try to tighten it as much as possible first. If that doesn't work, then try other workaround like the one shown in this video

  6. Sricharan C

    you wonderful, wonderful man, this absolutely solved my moka pot problem. i was literally jumping for joy when the coffee came up smoothly and it was nice and strong and the coffee itself (with a touch of milk) tastes so good. thank you, thank you, thank you. may the coffee gods bless you with many years of great brews.

  7. Sricharan C

    I have exactly this problem and I will try this solution but is there a more permanent solution than a teflon tape?


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