Moka Pot Perfection: Advanced Voodoo

The sequel to Moka Pot Voodoo, with advanced tips and tricks for brewing the best Moka pot coffee. We’re going to use paper filters in two unexpected ways, then try out a unique upper screen made by E&B Lab and compare it to the stock screen. No more sputtering; no more gushing. This is Moka pot coffee made right: concentrated, intense, and delicious — nearly as strong as #espresso. #Bialetti produces a fine #coffee_maker, once you master it.

This is a refinement of the techniques explained in Moka Pot Voodoo:

The three elements of Moka Pot Voodoo are: 1, filling the funnel properly to prevent channeling; 2, slowing the brew for a thorough, even extraction; and 3, stopping the brew before too much water passes through the coffee, diluting it.

And do enjoy my music playlists. That’s an order.

Production Assistant: Leo Greene

Additional footage courtesy of:
Kelly Lacy –

Music courtesy of:
Kevin MacLeod –

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6 Replies to “Moka Pot Perfection: Advanced Voodoo”

  1. metal ghost

    Your video is awesome, full of everythink needed, but have you heard about the preweting technique of Lucio Del Piccolo, here's his webpage: ;
    This guy has some videos comparing different times and temperatures and proposes some interesting changes with the pug, chek it out and maybe do a video about it please. Also, long asked question, which do you prefer cold or hot water on the moka pot?(i don't judge, but i always want to hear the reasons for every method)

  2. Dan

    Amazing video as usual . Yours is the most technical Moka pot video on the whole of YouTube and I have watched a ton. Awesome techniques and tips. I am currently using the able disk fine metal filter and it’s compatible with 3 , 6 and the 9 cup. I have been using the 9 cup lately and I use the same 15 grams coarse grind on both 6 and 9 cup. I get a nice hot 10 oz strong coffee with tons of acidity . In the afternoons I use the 6 cup. In my encounter with the Moka these are the most important tip. Always fill the water cold to the valve for a slower release to avoid channeling. Avoid filling too much coffee and I don’t expect a puck as in espresso. With lesser grounds , I see that the smoky burnt taste is gone. The stainless filter is a real good addition in mastering the Moka. Thanks again for the AMAZING video. You rock !

  3. Tom Landowski

    Brilliant set of moka videos! I think I’ve learned the most from these than any other. A couple of quick questions:
    1) How do you know when the pre-infusion is complete?
    2) Now that I’ve purchased the E&B competition filter, is there any use for using a paper filter as well?

  4. Jamie Tan

    I tried using a paper filter on the bottom. The coffee was over extracted and tasted bitter…quite foul actually!


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