MOKA POT on Stovetop | How To Coffee Quick & Easy

Your favorite coffee shops are probably closed because of the Covid-19 so maybe learn to make your very own? Just a thought. This time around let’s do Moka Pot.

I have too much free time because of the Manila Lockout so i decided to finally use my new Gator 6 Moka Pot. It’s “induction ready” to be used in my condo but can be used with fire so there we go.

Hope you enjoyed! Stay home and stay safe for now.


Music by Prod. Lee
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Instagram : @leemindme

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2 Replies to “MOKA POT on Stovetop | How To Coffee Quick & Easy”

  1. Jo Hanna

    Agaw pansin yung takore, ang cute. And ngayon ko lng nalaman may ibat-ibang klase pla ng coffemakers🤔, hmm dagdag kaalaman.


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