12 Replies to “moka pot make strong espresso with crema”

  1. Figgyb

    This is no crema. I get this always in my percolator too but when you poor it in a cup or when you let it stand for 30 sec the foam will vanish. It’s foam, no crema.

  2. Lucian

    Too much time to brew = too much cafeine extracted to cofee. More then 30 second is bad to flow steam thru grinned coffee! That is no more espresso!

  3. EmergencyIan51

    I get a crema with a the Bialetti Moka pot all of the time. I use Café Bustelo. While I like Illy and the other Italian coffees, they aren't nearly as strong and I didn't get such crema with Illy. Additionally, we have a gas stove/range. I find that I can't get the moka pot to operate properly on an electric stove. It may be because the heat isn't consistent. I also preheat the distilled water.

  4. eda

    This is a good use of a moka pot, this is how true moka should look when brewing. I grew up in Venezuela drinking espresso from a moka. As you can see in this video, when espresso is properly brewed in a moka you will see crema (people tend to argue that moka pots dont make real espresso cause they don't create crema, this is a false statement, and it is because they don't know how to use it). You should also see a clear pattern on the flow as the brewing develops. Namely you should see coherent structures forming (vortex dipoles) on the surface of the flow, this is turbulent flow, but it is coherent rather than chaotic.

    If your brewing process does not look like I just described, then. Measure your water, make sure you're using anywhere from 1.5-2 ounces of water per cup of coffee. Pre-heat the water before brewing. If your coffee is watery and brewing is quick, increase the dose. Make sure the grind is nicely distributed in your coffee basket. Your coffee should be dense and rich in flavour, very similar to what you get from a high-end espresso machine.

    I'll post a video of my brewing with a moka when I get some time, you will see a lot of crema and the coherent patterns on the surface of the flow.

    I currently have a high-end manual (semi-automatic) espresso machine. I can almost replicate the flavor I get from my espresso machine with my bialetti moka. These coffee makers are truly simple yet amazing.


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