Moka Pot for Great Cafe Au Lait

Use a moka pot coffee maker to brew up a rich espresso style coffee on your kitchen stove top. Moka pots come in all different sizes, so it’s easy to brew a cup just for yourself or for friends. Coffee from a moka pot is not a true espresso like you would get from an espresso machine, but it can be stong enough to kick you in the pants, and it makes a great cafe au lait. But always remember, you don’t need a degree from Coffee College to make a perfect cup of coffee; the foundation for great coffee, no matter how you brew it, is using freshly ground coffee beans that you love.
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How Does a Moka Pot Work

A moka pot is made up of 3 parts:
The bottom boiling chamber which is filled with water.
The middle funnel/filter which is filled with the ground coffee.
And the top coffee pot chamber where the brewed coffee collects.
When heated, the water comes to a boil in the bottom chamber and rises up the funnel and passes through the ground beans where it brews the coffee, continuing up through the funnel where it collects in the top chamber as strong, ready to drink coffee, or it is often mixed with hot water to make an Americano or with hot milk to make a cafe au lait.

A moka pot coffee maker is super simple and can be used on a gas or electric stove.
Fill the bottom chamber with hot water from the tap; fill to the pressure valve level, not above. Some folks fill the bottom chamber with almost boiled water,
and if you’ve got time for that, do so; usually when I want a cup of coffee, I want it as soon as possible, so heating it to completion in the actual moka pot works just fine
for me, and it cuts out an unnecessary step, I think.
Fill the middle funnel/filter with ground coffee–using freshly ground coffee beans that you love is the single greatest thing you can do to accomplish the perfect cup of coffee…unremarkable coffee beans will make unremarkable coffee no matter how you brew it. Do not compact the ground coffee into the filter, simply fill it level to the top and level it off. Use a medium grind of coffee, just like you would put in an electric coffee machine. Don’t use a course grind as you would in a French press, or as fine a grind as would be used in an espresso maker where pressurized water is forced through the grounds.
Securely screw on the top pot, but no need to overtighten.
Place the moka pot on the stove on low heat with the top up.
Low and slow is the moka pot mantra. Even on low heat, it will brew in a timely fashion, so no need to rush.
Be sure that the moka pot handle is not overly exposed to the heat, or the handle may become too hot and become damaged.
After only a few minutes, the water will begin to boil and reach a temperature where it will rise through the funnel, pass through the coffee, and pour through the funnel top into the upper chamber. If your heat is correct, the coffee will come through slowly and fill the upper chamber steadily. The coffee shouldn’t gush out of the top, but rather pour gently out of the funnel.
As the brewing nears completion, the coffee will quicken and become lighter and have a final push through the funnel top.
Immediately close the top and remove the pot from the heat.
It will not be a true espresso, but it can be a very strong coffee, especially if using a darker roast. If that’s how you like your coffee, then drink away. I like mine mixed with a bit of hot water to make and Americano-style cup of coffee, or mixed with an equal amout of hot milk or cream to make a cafe au lait.

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–Chef Buck

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37 Replies to “Moka Pot for Great Cafe Au Lait”

  1. withdirtybags

    All of this seemed just right, I prefer to warm the bottom half separately for a few minutes first. Can’t recommend drinking water from a hot water tank. Maybe an on demand system? Old hot water tank water gets pretty nasty after years.

  2. benny woo

    glad i found this video found this in the cupboard ,had no tea, was going to put the coffee in the bottom lol thanks im 45 and dont know how to use a silver cofee pot

  3. AntPDC

    That grind looks pretty coarse, as if for a French Press. Still, better that than have the moka pot funnel blocked with fine espresso grind.

  4. Paula Johnson

    I have 2 electric espresso makers, but for Cuban coffee, might buy the electric moka pot made by DeLonghi. I use freshly home-ground coffee beans only. They make infinitely better coffee than pre-ground types.

    There are a lot of significant quality control complaints about Bialetti moka pots. No longer gems from Italy, they're now cheaply made in Romania.

  5. Noemi Garcia-Martinez

    you both are too funny love your channel im more of a dessert video person myself but you too are to great…. very interesting info on the moka pot never new it existed

  6. Frank A

    Watched this only to realize: I've been doing it wrong! I use high heat, too much water, and not enough grounds. Also, I had the impression you needed a special espresso grind. LOL I destroyed mine and figured these don't work. Maybe I'll get another one and try again. Thank's Chef Buck.

  7. BaubleRob

    In Europe we eat our cereal with these. The cereal goes in the base and the funnel is used as a spoon. You’ve got to be fast, though.

  8. BlkUnk

    why havent i been getting your videos!!!! you are looking skinny my man. glad you are still doing your thing and doing well…. keep it going and ill go back and check out your others.

  9. drohegda

    Chief Buck that's the pot. Cuban people use to make their coffee,if you look up Cuban coffee on YouTube you will see all the different ways people were handed down family ways of brewing it.Love all your videos,Thank You.

  10. ynnep72

    I have a few moka pots and I didn't even know that's what they were called. I've been chasing the dragon on the amazing coffee that I got in the Netherlands to no avail, but you may have solved my issue. I've been cranking the heat and making exploding coffee fountain volcanoes. Tomorrow morning I will attempt the low and slow method pictured in this video. Wish me luck.

  11. Janet Cabrera

    Hi Chef Buck, if you want strong coffee you just put more of the coffee and pressed, this one that you have maybe serve 3 cups of coffee and you can put the lid on and when is done it made a noise. Thanks for share.

  12. Krystina

    nice video. I live in Miami so the moka pot is everywhere because Cubans are serious about their coffee in the mornings. The Bialetti brand from Italy is the best. I make my coffee with the moka pot probably ever 2 days.

  13. picantesworld77

    Yes chef Buck I thought you moved to a new place or you renovated your kitchen it's a real nice kitchen. I grew up with that pot my grandparents especially being from Italy we used to make demitasse a lot of espresso, but that type of coffee the way it's made it's the best!

  14. S Dolan

    Remember the old fashion stovetop percolator? Flavorful coffee and stayed hot, seemed like forever, in the cup.
    Your coffee from Moka Pot look rich and yummy. I be getting me a fancy pants Moka Pot for 25$👍
    Thanks Chef Buck and Camera Girl.


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