11 Replies to “Moka pot explained, sort of”

  1. Charlie Lame Deer

    I've been tempted to get one of those. I don't drink much coffee. Tea is my thing. But I have a stainless percolator, a gift from my mom. I have to work on bringing myself to thinking that it's no longer needed and something better is coming. I know, wierd, right! But it has feelings. Can't explain it, but that percolator gets so excited over company coming for coffee.

  2. ziggynumnums

    Moka pot is my daily brew. I have a little 3 cupper like that one to start my day. The 6 cup lives at work and the 9 cup is reserved for days off when i can drink my coffee at leisure.

    Are you brewing with pre-ground or grinding your own beans?

  3. sam-online

    I bought 2 of those a few years ago. I'd been French pressing for a while and tried this and went wild with it for months.
    I think I fried every nerve ending I had back then and had to back off….lol…
    Still pressing though. Can't give that up.

  4. Mo Piping

    Ohhh that’s what that’s called. My coffee connoisseur friend told me about that. He was planning to buy an expensive model of that made for camping ⛺️ . I just thought it was similar to Turkish coffee as in a pot with the grind over heat when you explained. Thanks for sharing 😉

  5. Bodhi Crocker

    Good share👍
    The beverage can make or break a pipe session. Its almost as important as the pipe and tobacco. In my opinion. Location should be added to that list.

    The four fold path of Pipe smoking-
    Right Pipe
    Right tobacco
    Right beverage
    Right location


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