19 Replies to “Moka Pot Espresso”

  1. Matthew Bauman

    This video helped me to get the most out of my Moka pot. It's the best cup of coffee I have ever made. Thank you!

  2. dareSh0

    Mine doesn't pump all of the water from below… Almost half of the water stays in the bottom of the pot 🙁 No matter how much I wait…

  3. John HUNTER

    A good presentation, but (always a 'but'?) not helped at all by that annoying audible tac-tac-tac-tac that kept intrusively going away and coming back again.

  4. John Smith

    Very nice video. Also, I fill my pot half way to the safety valve and fill the coffee grounds up to about 3/5 of the way, mine doesn't come out thick like yours does. Is all of the water you put into the pot used? Or do you leave some water in the bottom?

  5. Frank Hughes

    Well done video on how to make an espresso correctly with the Moka Pot (at least from my own experience). There's a lot of other videos out there that give some bad / crazy advice on how to use a Moka Pot…this video is not one of them. So glad to see someone doing it right and knows what they're talking about. Many thanks!


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