Moka Pot Crema

Sorry for the blurry quality. Filmed with my phone. The moka pot is an incredible piece of engineering. When used correctly, it produces an incredibly robust and flavorful coffee that cannot be matched by other brewing methods. When used incorrectly, it produces very bitter crappy coffee. I have seen many moka pot tutorials on Youtube and I find that most of them do not show you the proper technique for brewing a consistantly delicious coffee. For a strong robust moka pot brew, start with clean equipment. I always disassemble and clean my moka pot after every brew. Fill the boiler with clean water. Grind fresh beans. This may take some experimentation to get the right grind size. Overfill the filter with grounds so that there is a small mound. This is important because the filter held in place by the rubber gasket is concave. If you level off the grounds at the top, there will be an air gap between the top of your grounds and the concave filter. This will encourage channeling. I know most instructions say to level off the grounds, but from my experience, that doesn’t produce a consistently superior brew. In my video, you will see that I screw the top of the pot on and then I unscrew it to show that the concave filter has compressed the top of my mound and has shaped it into a small dome. That is what you want because it means there is some compression and no air gap between the coffee grounds and the filter. Next step is to put the heat on medium or a little lower than medium. This will vary from stove to stove. My stove is gas. Once you see coffee flowing out of the top, turn the heat down to low. Now just watch for the coffee to start sputtering out and when it does that, take it off of the heat. Pour into cup and fix it up however you like. I like to froth some milk and put a little bit of flavored creamer in mine. The taste is somewhere between real espresso and drip coffee. Well, I personally think that moka pot coffee, when prepared properly, is outstanding and far superior to any crappy drip you will ever get anywhere. It’s even better than most real espressos that I have had from various coffee shops.

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