Moka Pot Coffee and Latte at Home

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13 Replies to “Moka Pot Coffee and Latte at Home”

  1. Alex Clark

    I stumbled on your channel after buying an espresso machine and went looking for tips. All your content is so great and helpful!

  2. Sun Bear Specialty Coffee Roasters

    Good job Hoon, I think of all my coffee loves, the mocha pot is at the bottom. Maybe this will make me try again

  3. Marian M

    Interesting videos but way too long. Otherwise all good and I would watch them if they would be under 10 minutes.

  4. Eduardo Godoy

    I own a Moka pot but have not used it in several years. Last time I used one was on a fishing trip that a friend of mine took one for his morning Cuban coffee.

  5. 8repeels8

    In having a flair or two right now. If you get tired of weighing beans, filling the basket even before grinding is a good short cut to correct bean volume for the moka pot, and most espresso baskets I've used.


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