29 Replies to “Moka Pot”

  1. Mary Deem

    Espresso pots have been around longer then these smug hipsters. The disdain for this method is obvious, and the instructions limited.
    You can adjust the amount of coffee and water in an espresso pot..and they come in many sizes to suite your drinking needs. Grind fairly fine..close to an espresso machine type grind. Gas stoves are better than most home electric stoves. Italians have been and still use espresso pots with more aplomb and less attitude than these ding dongs.

  2. Stefan Sigfinnsson

    I've never tasted coffee from Ritual Coffee Roasters and I know very little about the company other than it's supposed to be one of the 3 leading roasters in San Francisco along with 4 Barrel and Blue Bottle.

    But I would not be proud of having my company presented like this. Show a little more professionalism. You can be entertaining and fun but this is ridiculous.

  3. Kiran Evetts

    Entertaining video put ive heard that it shouldnt be tamped becauese then coffe takes ages to brew due to the resistance and the pressures bad for the pot also most people agree cold water is better

  4. Steve Neptune

    This was a good video. I do not know who these other viewers wanted to see. If they want to see something different then they can look else where or make their own video. Keep up the good work RitualCoffee)) I am glad to be a new subscriber))

  5. ___310____a

    I am never buying products from Ritual Coffee, just because of the behavior of the people in this video. Highly unprofessional.

  6. stan_sprinkle

    It's like in high school when the "dungeons and dragons" kids who never spoke in class suddenly got put into a group project together and had to perform a skit… And it was really awkward for everyone, but the content was kinda good. Like that

  7. phubans

    Although, to their credit the staff there was friendly to me despite me not being dressed in skintight pants, a wool scarf, and a Fedora with a feather stuck in it. My previous comment is more of a remark on their clientele, not their business.

  8. phubans

    I'd call them the female equivalent of douchebags, but I'm not so sure they're even female.

    Also, Ritual is a den of hipsters. I paid $7 for a cup of coffee there once that wasn't even that impressive. I won't be going back.


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