Moka Express: The one and only since 1933

Moka Express, the most iconic Italian product, was born In 1933.
It seems that its inventor, Alfonso Bialetti, got the inspiration for this genial invention watching his wife doing the laundry using the lisciveuse, a big tank used for washing clothes with soap and water. The boiling water came out from the pipe placed in the center and then poured down on the clothes, mixing up with the “lisciva” an old type of cleanser.
Great example of Art Deco, Moka has a unique design that has been improved during years, in order to make this instrument smart and elegant.
Today Moka Express is still a Made in Italy product exported all over the world, with more than 300 million pieces sold.
Moka Express, perfect for the preparation of the real Italian coffee.

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2 Replies to “Moka Express: The one and only since 1933”

  1. Joseph Doss

    Finally a nice video of the iconic Italian coffee maker for excellence, known throughout the world … nice very nice


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