26 Replies to “Moka Coffee Pot Explosion”

  1. Truthmonster

    I don't know what brand his was that exlploded, but with all these misinformed comments here, I will say this. Bialetti's are not cheap pots. I have 2 of them. One being at least 50 years old. They're number 1 in Italy. And made in Italy.

    With his pot, the pressure release valve was old and clogged. However, if he would have followed the instructions (IF it was a Bialetti), which tell you NOT to pack down grounds………it would NOT have exploded……EVEN WITH a plugged up valve. It was the combination of both, that made it explode. Too fine a grind made it even worse (plugged it even more). Simply put; if he would have either, refrained from packing down, OR replaced/cleaned the valve………..it would not have exploded.

  2. md54

    Mine exploded a few days ago. Although the pot remained intact. The entire content sprayed the kitchen and me. Luckily I was wearing my specs. Very unpleasant experience.
    I forgot to put the top filter in. Easy to do. BEWARE!

  3. Mood

    Hi. Its been years since this happened. Did you get a new one? I was thinking of buying moka pot till i saw your video. 🤤😲 i'm sure yours not the only case.

  4. Sinegav

    for everyone who is scared it could happen to you. Simply check your safety valve before you pour the water inside it evertime. Yes it can be clocked up, and you should try to clean it once in a while. just make sure its moving freely before you use it. And never pack your coffee grinds 🙂

  5. Axel Gutlau

    me happend something simalar yesterday. but with a orginal bialetti – deluxe version. one part of the mokka destroyed my induktioncooker totaĺly.. the upper part of the mokka made a big hole in my ceilings, a bigger hole as at this ceilings on the pictures. the coffee is all over the kitchen. i was very close (just a arm lenght) nothing happend to me, i was just shocked. the mokka is also broken and bended a lot. the connection thread is parted from the water tank. crazy situation in the morning before i could wake up with a nice cup of coffee. VERY DANGEROUS!!

  6. Brian Cramer

    this is what happens like every time my girlfriend uses the kitchen lol but yeah you don't want to pack the grounds at all in a moka pot

  7. mari lastimosa

    Since i stumbled with your video. I'm scared of using my coffee pot but I'm glad my coffee pot not like yours. Still, i have to be careful.

  8. Because I said so!!!

    WOW! I use my 6-cup Bialetti Moka pot a lot… and I love it! I was just comparing stainless steel models because I want to use my induction burner. Bialetti makes at least three different ones… The "Venus," the "Kitty," and the "Induction." Yours looks like a copy of the Kitty design.

    What makes me nervous is that all the stainless steel models are either made in India or China… not Italy… even Bialetti…and quality control is lacking. This is not something where corners can be cut in production. So glad you're okay! Maybe I'll just keep my aluminum Moka pot awhile longer. whew I'll definitely get a Bialetti when I do make the jump to stainless though.

  9. Thread Journals

    This exact thing happened to me today 🙁 I will NEVER use one of these again. I had checked the top of the pot and noticed it wasn't coming through as it should. Pot was doing a funny little jig on the hotplate. I turned heat off, sat down and BOOM!! My kitchen looked like yours Steve except that my pot actually went into several pieces, included some sharp pieces of shrapnel which fortunately just missed me. I think someone was watching over me as it really was just seconds earlier that I had my head over the thing.

  10. Gears

    To avoid that:

    1) Buy a good Moka machine (e.g. Bialetti)
    2) Fill the water tank up to the lower edge of the steam valve.
    3) DO NOT press down the coffee powder in the filter.
    4) On a gas stove, turn on the flame to the minimum and promptly turn it off when it's ready.
    (If you are using an electric stove, once ready, remove the moka from the coil).

    PS. NEVER clean your moka with soap!

  11. rhebirthcreations

    this just happened to me 2 weeks ago. it was a different brand but I went to check I'd the coffee was ready and I caught an explosion to the face causing me to have emergency surgery .I am lucky to be alive. thank you for posting this

  12. Matty Boy

    I had a very similar explosion recently with a stovetop espresso maker. Coffee grounds were everywhere, and my son was in the kitchen when it happened I am so lucky no one was hurt. Espresso machine for me from now on. I had one of these. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Benjamin-Medwin-Stainless-Stovetop-Espresso-Cappuccino-Coffee-Maker/141796174645?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D33665%26meid%3D2dff62c586fd4a8ebb836660a7585a7b%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D10%26sd%3D171904231718

  13. II. Gyula

    Wow, I was always a bit worried about this, that's why I even switched to an espresso machine full-time. One question: did you fill the water 'over' the valve or below?
    Stay safe!

  14. Jérôme Boulin

    I don't understand nothing : which part of this coffee maker failed ? Is this the basis ? we don't see it correctly.

  15. Peter Coles

    Do you have an idea as to why it malfunctioned?  For example, do you have hard water whose mineral deposits may have clogged the holes and the steam valve?


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