Minipresso GR – Cleaning & Crema Tips

We demonstrate Minipresso GR tips for cleaning the extraction head and getting crema with better color and consistency. The Minipresso, made by Wacaco, is a …how to clean minipresso,minipresso crema,Espresso (Beverage),Review,How-to (Website Category),coffee,minipresso,test,Cafe,mokabees,moka bees,Coffeehouse (Industry),Coffee (Beverage Type),Handpresso (Organization),handheld espresso,travel espresso,Espresso Machine (Product Category),espresso device,wacaco,manual espresso,how to,demonstration,review,demo,testing,tips,portable,Crema,minipresso gr,minipresso maintenance,mini presso,Help,Tricks

35 Replies to “Minipresso GR – Cleaning & Crema Tips”

  1. Tom Reeves

    Nice to see the improved results but this video absolutely kills any desire to own this gadget. Are you kidding? You need a spoon and screw driver to clean this thing? Noooo way would I buy this.

  2. Robert Hardy

    My question is instead of responding to one video telling you you need a spoon and philips screwdriver, why don't they provide you with the materials you obviously need to clean the Minipresso properly when you buy it? I don't have a Philips screwdriver. Every time I run hot water through to preheat it it looks like pee because it is hard to clean. Whats the point of selling an espresso maker if you don;t even provide the ability to clean it properly? I like this machine but it's longevity is in serious doubt in my mind.

  3. skiman18100

    I have never preheated and get the same crema…could be the beans. However, I usually do an espresso grind and allow for a 10 second infusion when I first hear the build and release of pressure. It gives a much darker shot.

  4. charlie hascall

    Just a heads up, the BEST way to get great crema is to grind your beans right before brewing, that makes the whole difference!

  5. atomicbrain9401

    Excellent video. Thanks for the demonstration and tips. Is there a particular water temperature that's recommended?

  6. Peter Donahue

    Thanks this is a very helpful Youtube. I was curious about the back-pressure valve in the bottom of the filter head.  After seeing that there is no risk to disassembly, I think I will go ahead and convert this unit to a non-pressurized portafilter and experiment with real espresso coffee grounds to see if I can kick this up a notch.As for cleaning protocol, I have found just popping out the lower filter screen and vigorously rinsing the filter head and filter basket gets the job done after each use.  Then every week or two just flushing it with a plastic friendly sterilizing solution like you would use to sterilize infant bottles.

  7. Franco Chan

    Great update for this product! I own a Brikka & enjoy it very much. Comparing the Brikka to this Minipresso (& the better extraction tips), how do their respective shots compare? (Flavor, crema mouthfeel, extraction, etc.) Thanks for your great videos!

  8. Startswithaj

    That crema looks amazing. I wonder how much easier the Minipresso NS would be with cleanup(that's the one that uses Nespresso capsules) and taste compared to the GR. Wasn't able to locate any reviews for the NS, sadly. Have you heard anything or gotten to use a Minipresso NS?

  9. Marcelo Santos

    Great tips! Actually, I just run an "after-extraction" with hot water (no coffee ground) to clean it. But your tips are useful to who is in trouble. Thanks!

  10. bgkdiver1313

    great review thanks.. I would think pressing hot water after making your coffee would be enough or even soaking in vinegar or pressing boiling vinegar once a week would be much easier.. just my 2 cents…

  11. Soneeeee

    Be very careful when you remove and screw back any screws. They go into plastic threaded sockets, and plastic is a lot softer than the screws, so after X times screwing in and out, you can expect the plastic sockets to be stripped and not hold the screws well any more.

  12. Kenrick Philbert

    it's a great video and very helpful.
    but, which is you recommend the most? cleaning the Minipresso after each use or just clean it on certain time?

  13. drulupis

    Great video. It would be great to see a video on repairing the semi automatic piston pump. This is notorious for leaking. I bought 4 units for myself and my coworkers, and all 4 units leak at the piston when pumping water. I was sent a replacement unit for 1 of them. That worked for several uses, but started leaking as well.


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