Mike's Natural Soaps "Bergamot, Orange, Ylang Ylang" – Rockwell 6S – Yaqi "Moka Express" brush

Today’s shave: Finally, I get around to using Mike’s Natural Soaps, one of the original artisans when I started wetshaving. I got a lot of questions about how the Rockwell 6S stacks up to the Karve Shaving stainless steel razor, so I used the Rockwell all week. Finally, a new brush from Yaqi with the “Synbad” synthetic knot.

*** Kit ***
* Rockwell 6S
* Mike’s Natural Soaps “Bergamot, Orange, Ylang Ylang”
* Yaqi “Moka Express” brush with synthetic knot
* Declaration Grooming “Contemplation” aftershave

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33 Replies to “Mike's Natural Soaps "Bergamot, Orange, Ylang Ylang" – Rockwell 6S – Yaqi "Moka Express" brush”

  1. Pat Kaczmarek

    Mike's is a stalwart artisan shave soap. As good as any soap, better than most. Can't go wrong with Mike's.

  2. DE Shave Talk with Kit

    Michael I really like the way you are describing equipment. I do agree with you on the 6C I much prefer my razors with thinner heads even though the 6C works fairly well. Also you did a great job of explaining the Yaqi Brush Knot ~! Kit

  3. Blade4vor

    Very nice shave and review, Michael! I can't believe you don't have Mike's Natural Soaps in your den before this. This was the 1st artisan soap I tried almost 5 years ago. I think it is still a wonderful shaving soap, but maybe just a little nostalgia for me. I think the base still offers good slickness, residual slickness, protection, and a nice satin post-shave for my skin.

    I like the washers, but seem to keep losing them down the drain. Someday someone will unclog the drain and wonder where all those plastic washers came from…
    Cheers! -Rob

  4. Terry M

    Nicely done Michael💈 I find the 6C a bit smoother on the skin, chrome plate vs tumbled stainless, but that's subject to YMMV. Both are in rotation and happy to have them. I have a few Mike's Natural Soaps; Vetiver and Orange, Cederwood, Black Pepper. Great soaps but some are not in production now🤔 Great video and reviews as always👍 Enjoy!

  5. Brian B.

    Hi Michael. Hope Mike brings back his soaps some day. I`ve never tried one but by all accounts they`re top notch. Looking forward to your next video.👍

  6. Alistaire Mordyn

    Michael, have you had a chance yet to try the Edwin Jagger 316 razor? I just finally got around to getting one last week and I have to say it is very much worth trying out if you get the chance.

  7. Achim Kohlhage

    True, the Rockwell still is t h e razor, but since the arrival of Karve only 2nd best, imo. Switched my 6S to 6C, it glides somewhat btr. It seems we're now in the process of compensating expensive western hardware (razors, soaps) with low-cost software (brush) fm China at remarkable qlty, just to cut cost. It has become an expensive hobby. My den contains few Simpsons, Shavemacs n by looking at them, I wish the chinese alternatives wud hv arvd earlier. Cheers to NC, guess the indian summer is ard the corner.

  8. Roberto S. Gerometta

    Hello Michael,
    you probably know it, but did not say it: The brush you are using in this video is called "Moka Express" after the ubiquitous Italian stovetop coffee maker Bialetti. The Moka Express coffee maker is ten sided (Decagon), while the Yaqi 24mm synthetic brush is six sided (Hexagon), but, having said that, they both provide a good result for, respectively, coffee and lather.

  9. K Theodor

    You're right Michael, the Rockwell has this fuller presence about it when compared to Karve's nimble feel, especially when you use the latter to shave right under one's nose. I have to say though: both are excellent razors and as competitively priced. (Spend to acquire an Above The Tie DE razor and spend to buy a Karve or a Rockwell 6S, and I don't think either the R/well or the Karve razors are any lesser tools than any Above TT.) I would class both R/well & Karve as desert island razors. Would be very content with either of these to be stranded on an island to keep my facial growth under control (+ a supply of Nacets & PermaSharp blades). Thanks for uploading.

  10. T Rex

    Damn me, I now need this soap base. I will go with the Coconut.

    I suspect that this soap might sneak between those THREE BEASTS that I have. No soap to date was better than them, but who knows.. Mike seemed slick as ice.

    You destroy my wallet everytime, do something to stop it!!! 🙂

  11. zbushong

    Karve over Rockwell for me no contest. You hit the nail on the head, Rockwell is well built but bulky, especially in the head. If anyone is going to choose, go with the Karve. Learn from those of us who dropped $$ on both! Another fine video. Thanks & take care, Zac.

  12. Omar Rodriguez

    good shave michael.mikes is an awesome soap and hope will be longer in business than mickey lee.great performance great scents and good value.also always appreciate when they sale nice(big) size samples a good way to try them all without breaking the bank

  13. Go Habs

    Hi Michael, I am a big fan of the Rockwell on plate #4. Thinking of picking up a Krave. Which base plate most resembles the Rockwell 4 plate? Thank you.

  14. koosk

    Typical no-nonsense shave and honest reviews of the products. Excellent stuff Michael. I use the Rockwell 6c and together with the Gillette 7 o'clock 'Yellow' is so forgiving and incredibly enjoyable to use.

  15. Stephen Davidson

    Great shave Michael. I have the Rockwell 6C (white chrome) and it's alright. I agree with the razor being adjustable due to the fact that by swapping out the plates you change the blade gap. It also felt like it was hard to cut yourself even with the most aggressive plate. My top razor is the Leaf.

  16. Mike H

    Hi Michael- Great shave and soap review; thank you! I have Mike’s Hungarian Lavender scent, which is quite nice and a pleasure to use. I hope you have a great week ahead and all the best!

  17. MrUlski

    The soap label suggest that there’s duck 🦆 fat in there – but I don’t think that is the case. Perhaps the head/baseplate of the Karve is slimmer because each baseplate got one “setting” instead of 2

  18. Mr. panch wetshaving

    where the rockwell destroys the karve is when going against the grain. The rockwell has the right amount of effeciency and comfort when going against the grain allowing for more passes to get those hairs that grown in weird directions. The karve is more effecient but IMO its more suited for people that dont have complicated hair growing patterns and people who are more DFS shavers.


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