Master the Moka Pot!

Everyone in Italy has a Moka Pot in their house for making espresso. If you’re traveling to Italy and staying at an Airbnb or a friends house, you’ll need to know how to operate this device. Chris shows you exactly how to do it in this video!

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9 Replies to “Master the Moka Pot!”

  1. Judy Code

    We have used a Mock at our home in Glendale to make Americanos in the morning for years. Delish! Your Moka Pot looks to be made of aluminum. Is it? I have gone out of my way to get a stainless steel Moka Pot as I'm not keen on having any aluminum added, however minute. It does take a little longer to make but we heat the post w/ hot water before using the speed the game up. Do you know if stainless steel ones are readily available in your village? If not, I would bring mine. Looking forward to your reply.

  2. ozrocksinger

    Grazie! Oh boy now I know how to use my boyfriend's mother's mokapot and show him! I have been trying to figure it out it's been a puzzle for many years and just never bought one! Just don't let it get out that were Italian eek!

  3. Matic Zupančič

    omg, Chris as much as I like your channel this was a bad guide simply put. Please, use it some more.. couple of years preferably and then make one. please tell if you want me to go further

  4. Campanian Republic

    Hi … If you want to get a coffee with espresso type cream, take the first coffee that comes out of the Moka, and add two or three teaspoons of sugar … beat the sugar and coffee until you get a homogeneous cream. Put a teaspoon of cream in a cup, combine the coffee and mix with a teaspoon … you will have a coffee with the cream like espresso … Try !!!


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