22 Replies to “Martha Stewart Demos the Bialetti Moka”

  1. KnifeCatcher

    Martha seems nervous. Her show seems incredibly boring. She seems bland and blank like a boring sheet of paper.

  2. numbat 007

    SOOO many wrong explanations –
    * it's NOT ( gravity ) drip filter coffee , it's made under pressure , AKA a " stove top espresso "
    ** if you're steaming milk you need to insert steam INTO the milk via a steam wand , shaking it in a jar & microwaving it ( whatever this method is ? ) isn't steaming the milk , you're just heating it .
    * the manufacturer is Bialetti NOT Bialetta
    why do simple things confuse so many Americans ?

  3. Sarah

    all that "you need milk" is bullshit and is extremely evident here as it is just here as product placement from "got milk"

  4. jmatt4life

    I have a 9 oz La Cafetiere espresso maker. It is one the most wonderful kitchen gadgets I own. Bialetti also makes them just as efficient and stylish!
    Highly recommended!!!

  5. Jerry Sutphin

    The device that holds the coffee is called a filter, not a "gadget". Learn about what you're selling. Overpaid diva.

  6. MonkeyMagic88

    Smash the finocchio in the head with the machina to shut him up. This is a shit video to represent Bialetti.


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