Malaysia 2015

Coffee makes me travel

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18 Replies to “Malaysia 2015”

  1. radziahradzi

    Oh wow, you've came to my country before! I've just found out and subscribe to your channel to learn latte art. Didn't thought you came here before 😁

  2. ᄋᄋᄋ ᄋᄋᄋ

    Hi sir Im korean barista. Alsela I wanna be a great barista like u. Perhaps i reckon You are a best world barista and im gonna be too. Actually i cant be like u and i really wanna say like this i love u and i wanna meet you 😉 XD

  3. Onigiri Izumi

    Hey man, is there a different between domestic milk such full cream, whole milk etc and the one in a bottle because I tend to get shiny mini bubbles soap like instead of silky creamy micro foam and I use hand held milk frother. Thanks

  4. Josh Wong

    Wow sir Dritan, you was here in Malaysia, Penang which I'm not aware of 🙁
    Hope you can be here again at PJ 🙂

  5. Kirstijan Peternac

    plsss dear man send my white pot with your name on FRANJE baruna TRENKA 64 zadar croatia peternac kristijan


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