Making Espresso with a New Minos Moka Pot Set

Minos Moka Pot Espresso Maker
A TRULY ROMANTIC COFFEE BREW – Brewing a cup of coffee using a Moka Pot is the most authentic (and many also say the most romantic) way to making strong, delicious, Italian-style coffee. Using the Minos Moka Pot to create your daily caffeinated brew is an art in and of itself. Get artisan-style coffee than using a coffee maker like the Minos Moka Pot.
MODERN, ELEGANT AND SLEEK – The classic Moka Pot has had the same look since it was first created in 1933. It’s beautiful and artistic, but the Minos Moka Pot brings authentic, romantic coffee to the modern age with an elegant, streamlined, upscale design. The smaller rim at the top also makes it safer to use with less risk for spillage.
BUILT TO LAST: Classic aluminum stovetop Moka Pots are known to last for years. The Minos Moka Pot is made from heavy stainless steel, which is much stronger and can withstand heat much more than aluminum. You can expect your Minos Pot to not only give you delicious, artisanal Italian-style coffee, but also continue to do so for a long, long time.
MATCH HANDLES TO YOUR LIKING: With the Minos Moka Pot, you get switchable, multi-colored handles that come in yellow, blue and pink. Change it around based on your preference any time you want. And while Moka Pots are known to last a long time, their handles are often the first to break or melt due to intense heat. Now you’ll have instant spares for if the handle breaks
SIMPLE AND EASY COFFEE: The Minos Moka Pot was designed to be simple and easy to use for everyday coffee lovers. There are no moving or spinning parts that easily get broken or lost. The sleek design makes it easier for cleanup than classic Moka Pots and other types of coffee makers. Can be used on gas, electric and ceramic stove tops. No complicated technology included. Just an authentic, romantic, delicious brew of coffee every day.
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39 Replies to “Making Espresso with a New Minos Moka Pot Set”

  1. Laura Elrod

    I think when it starts coming out fast you’re supposed to remove it from the heat so it doesn’t burn the coffee and make a nasty flavor I’ve seen people wrap it in a cold towel or put it in the bottom underneath the cold faucet the stop the brewing process

  2. sandy smith

    too bad you didn't froth up some milk and topped it with carmel or chocolate I see another espresso video in your future

  3. Pam Slack

    Hope it doesn't taste like Starbucks, Rick. Looks good. (BTW, you were supposed to hold out your pinky while drinking that. =) )

  4. Dave

    Dude, you gonna be climbing the walls before long…..I bet it is good though…Smells fantastic over here in SC….

  5. The Good Journey

    Awesome! I kept thinking where's the chocolate? Because I thought you said mocha pot. LOL! (and was thinking mocha? espresso? together?) Enjoy!

  6. Gee Gee Hall

    Rick I love that little Expresso pot so cute I don't think I could handle it that strong and I like the way you did the demonstration looks easy too use!👍

  7. Stephanie Shearer

    Hey Rick now we are fancy🍵🍵🍵made me want a cup. have you ever tried a French press? I like your cup I need to go thrifting to find me one. thanks for the video.

  8. Jesus is number 1

    since you like gadgets need to buy some cutting board scissors. yea sounds weird but it is a real item lol..

  9. Cheeky Saver

    It sure is pretty. If you click on it and find it out of your price range you can find less expensive options by scrolling through the items at the bottom of the page. If you just want one you can have for life with no messing around this is a great investment piece…. and for a investment piece it is pretty reasonably priced. (BTW you need a little more espresso in there Rick.) 😀

  10. Demon

    I have one of the Aluminum ones. My Cuban mother in law always put the sugar in the water. With milk it was " Cafe con Leche".

  11. samz1069

    Looks great if you got a Lotta time to fiddle around! Grind your own beans and you'll spend a half an hour making a cuppa coffee but that's none of my business!

  12. Lisa Strahan

    Being Italian, we drink Lavazza coffee on the weekends. love it! Thanks for sharing! take care and God bless! hugggggs!

  13. 519 Forestmonk

    So does leaving the lid open prevent the coffee from dribbling out? I like to make coffee this way but I always seem to make a mess of the stove.

  14. jonnyboat2

    Now you need to try a French press coffee maker. I think I saw them at Target. I think I saw the espresso makers there too. Ha e you ever had Turkish coffee?

  15. David Alexander

    Great video Rick. Nothin like a good cup of espresso and the brand you used in this video is quite good. I'm still in Vietnam with my wife visiting the in-laws. You want to talk about some great coffee? Vietnamese coffee will definitely put some extra hair on your chest.

  16. ravenblackhawke

    Rick can you please test and see if a magnet will stick to the bottom of the Moka pot, if yes then it is also induction ready, and that is what I wish to know my friend……so please try it and if it is not too much of an imposition please reply, and thanks again:).

  17. lifesavrdwd

    Been using one of these for 30 years, my sister got me doing it. But that set surely looks good, I like the silicone handle. Enjoy, I love coffee.

  18. USNVA11

    Nice one Rick. I have the original Bialati Moka Pot that I have been using for years. They work in the same fashion as the model that you have there. This method absolutely makes the best espresso you've ever had. Enjoy your new Moka Pot sir. It's definitely going to speed up your day …. LOL ☕️….😜…..🏃🏻

  19. Elizabeth Shaw

    I use Lavazza and I think it is the best espresso we can get in this country. It is a very large brand name available also in Italy.

  20. chesh kat

    Add some of that good espresso to a chocolate cake from scratch. Yummy!

    I make cold brew coffee because it is silky smooth. You might want to try that some time.

  21. Bryce Walton's Photography

    nice I like. also like your stove burner. cool color. I have the old burner type. cheap stove. enjoy your many drinks to come.


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